Hey, I Resemble That!

Has it really gotten that bad?

4 Responses to Hey, I Resemble That!

  1. Migs says:

    J…this is genius!!

  2. Dang I seriously hope not. Although nobody seems to care much when I photograph all of my food!

  3. Ubu Walker says:

    Every restaurant patron is a potential journalist due to the power of the internet. I routinely post my experiences with Montclair and New York area restaurants at websites like baristanet and yelp. Often I’ll leave my review in the comment section of a blogger who has reviewed the restaurant. Internet reviews are very powerful: we recently went to a different thai restaurant because my relatives had read bad reviews about the restaurant I selected.

  4. Adam says:

    That’s funny. I think all the foodbloggers read this cartoon as Prof. Fishhawk going to blog *about* the restaurant, when now, I think, it’s really about him blogging *from* the restaurant. Funny how perspective filters those things for us.

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