Podcast #47: Jeremy Clayman and Eric Foster (The Mint)

The Mint Restaurant
219 Fayetteville Street Mall (1 Exchange Plaza) Raleigh, NC

Web Site: http://www.themintrestaurant.com

Click Here to Listen to The Mint Podcast

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Sous Chef/Pastry Chef Eric Foster (left) and Chef de Cuisine Jeremy Clayman

Click on the above photo for a hi-res slide show.

My meal this week at The Mint will go down as one of the most memorable I have ever had in the South, including my many wonderful meals in New Orleans. The Mint is as good as any of the fine restaurants we have in New York City which specialize in local sustainable cuisine — that I compare it to Gramercy Tavern or Blue Hill is not without serious consideration for the level of art and technique that is being practiced at this restaurant, which Raleigh should consider itself extremely lucky to have.

5 Responses to Podcast #47: Jeremy Clayman and Eric Foster (The Mint)

  1. Colin says:

    I found the review pretty under par for what I know Jeremy is capable of. The guy is a fanatic about food and in my brief time working with him I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and ability. Keep moving Raleigh forward with food and I can’t wait to eat at the Mint.

  2. “And “chewy star ingredient?” Come on! Its VEAL FLANK STEAK, not filet @#$%^&* mignon.”

    OK, I know you weren’t going for funny, but I found that HYSTERICAL.

  3. Joe says:

    Jeremy-I can’t wait to eat at the Mint after having read this review. I’m a former NY’er and confirmed foodie. Having eaten at Gramercy Tavern (several times) and Blue Hill (even the Stone Barns upstate), I recognize what great praise you have just given to this place. I love the creativity of the menu and happen to be a fan of judicious molecular gastronomy. Sometimes at places like WD-50 it’s overwhelming, but when done well it can really change the way you think about flavors and food in general. Anyway, just thought I’d send in a thanks. I was considering starting my own blog for the Triangle, since I seem to spend most of my life finding my next great meal. Looks like someone has beat me to it…

    By the way, I used to live in Montlcair, NJ. Have you been to Mesob there? Fantastic Ethiopian place on Bloomfield Avenue. Better than anything I’ve had almost anywhere else in the country. Try it!

  4. Jeremy says:

    The Mint is a must visit. The chef’s tasting was the best meal I ‘ve ever had. I know I’ve eaten at some 4 and 5 star restaurants, but with The Mint’s service, the experience was life changing. (Especially the pork belly–good lord!)

    We’ll be going back soon, but we’ll be talking about our first trip to The Mint for many, many years. I’ll never forget it.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Let me add that I like the restaurant for other reasons than that the chef and I have the same name.

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