Triangle Dining: China Palace

China Palace Restaurant
5210 Garrett Rd, Durham NC
(919) 493-3088

While the Triangle area seems to have an abundance of delicious ethnic cuisine, it appears to be lacking in authentic Chinese restaurants. I had pretty much given up on the idea of finding good Chinese food until a Google search revealed some positive blog posts about China Palace, a small Cantonese/Sichuan/Hunan restaurant in Durham. I like this place so much, that I’ve already been to it twice and its already become my “go to” local Chinese. The portions are big, so expect leftovers for lunch the next day.

China Palace looks like a dinky, run of the mill Chinese Restaurant. Don’t let this distract you, go right in.

On a busy night, don’t be surprised if you have to wait 15-20 minutes for a table. This place is real popular with the locals.

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No, these guys aren’t on the menu.

China Palace has the usual American Chinese dishes you’d expect, but they also have a SPECIAL CHINESE MENU with authentic, regional dishes on it. My recommendation would be to bypass the regular menu entirely and go straight for this laminated insert.

Page two of the special dinner menu.

This is a Ma Po Dofu, tofu Sichuan Style with Ground Pork. One of the best and spicyest I’ve ever had.

Spicy Eggplant with Ground Pork in Garlic Sauce.

Choy Sum greens with Oyster Sauce

Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) Greens with White Garlic Sauce.

Kung Pao Squid, another Sichuan preparation. I’ve never seen Squid done Kung Pao before, usually chicken and sometimes shrimp. The squid is of the mature, chewier type, but I liked this dish a lot.

Shredded Pork with Green Chiles and Pressed Bean Curd. This is a Sichuan dish made with Hot fermented soybean paste and black bean sauce.

6 Responses to Triangle Dining: China Palace

  1. Tom from Raleigh says:

    Gotta like a place with a secret menu. There are a couple of solid Chinese restuarants in Raleigh. Fortune Garden and Red Palace. Red Palace has pretty good Sichuan food. I can’t really put my thumb on Fortune Garden’s spin. The fried intestines appetizer is a must try.

  2. Tom: Red Palace is closed. I drove out there and they are “under renovation”

  3. Eugene Kan says:

    Just a slight correction, you mixed up the gai lan picture with the choy sum picture.

    Gai lan (aka Chinese broccoli) features smooth stems and sometimes the little yellow flowers seen on broccoli. As well it’s more “crunchy” and less fibrous then choy sum.

    However it appears the dishes are correct, choy sum w/ oyster sauce and gai lan with ginger

  4. Thanks Eugene, I have corrected it. I always get the two mixed up after trying to recognize them in photos.

  5. FuzzyT says:

    Red Palace is searching for a new location. The spot over on New Bern Rd. was always kind of puzzling. I think they’re looking over towards West Raleigh/Cary. The food and hospitality there have always been first rate. I’m looking forward to their re-opening.

  6. cswiii says:

    Obviously this article is a few years old now, but there are numerous authentic Chinese places in the Triangle these days. I can think of at least seven off the top of my head.

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