New Orleans Dining: Lüke

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Luke Restaurant
333 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA
(504) 378-2840

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I noticed that fellow Fat Packer Ed Levine is in New Orleans this week and is lamenting about how his current diet is being affected by the local cuisine. This made me laugh, because I completely feel for what he is going through. I’ve probably put more pounds on in the last year eating in New Orleans restaurants than in anywhere in the US — the city is known for its excess, and boy did I indulge in it on my last trip there, back in August of 2007. But if I had a milestone weight loss that I wanted to celebrate, and say “to hell with it” for a day, and if I had to make a Sophie’s Choice of what one restaurant in New Orleans I should make that cheat at, John Besh’s Lüke would probably be very high on the list of candidates.

Be it as it may, It recently occurred to me that I had completely forgotten to post about my August 2007 experiences at the restaurant. Ed’s current trip to the city during the 2008 IACP conference gave me the impetus to drag out my photos (and I shamefully apologize to Chef Besh who had Todd Price, Rachel and myself as his guests at this meal that was never chronicled) which have been collecting virtual dust on Flickr until now. Fortunately, the menu has stayed effectively the same, so contextually, the food should be nearly identical to what the restaurant serves now.

I hope this post serves to motivate the IACPers and other travelers who are heading to the city this spring to try this wonderful restaurant, because God knows I won’t be eating there again or eating like this for a while.

Ready for a trip back in time to OTB Classic? Click on “Read the rest of this entry” link below for some artery clogging Beshy hofbrau goodness.

Luke is very much a casual dining atmosphere, with a hofbrau-like decor to complement the Alsatian-Germanic food the restaurant specializes in.

All sorts of oysters and fresh shellfish to be had.

Does he still have the Matzo Balls on the menu? We didn’t have a chance to try it.

A Pastis, One of the many New Orleans-style cocktails the restaurant prepares.

Todd Price chose to go with one of the nice microbrews.

Wow, when was the last time I saw one of these?

The Pied De Cochon, the fried pigs feet balls. Trust me they taste a lot better than they sound

Flamenkuche, a type of Alasatian Pizza. This is an absolute must order if you come here. I don’t care what your damn cardiologist says, you can take a double dose of Lipitor with this one.

The grilled homemade Boudin Noir, with a side of sauteed potatoes, onions and apples. Sinful.

Pied de Cochon, interior view.

Crabmeat Maison, with fresh herbs and local greens.

Crabmeat Maison served with the toasted bread. OMG.

Boudin Noir closeup.

Jagerschnitzle Mit Spätzle, a classic Germanic dish. Pan fried veal cutlets with home made noodles and chantrelle and oyster mushrooms. Sorry Rachel, I apologize for posting this.

Shoot me now.

The Luke Burger. Probably the best burger in the entire city.

The Cochon Du Lait sandwich, Besh’s interpretation of a Cubano, Cajun style. I could seriously go for one of these right now.

This I recall was an Apple and Caramel dessert that was just scrumptious.

5 Responses to New Orleans Dining: Lüke

  1. Robert says:

    I knew I should have joined you guys at Luke. Great photos.

  2. e. nassar says:

    OMG is right. This stuff is beautiful. Unfortunately my one experience with Chef Besh’s cuisine at Restaurant August last November was disappointing to say the least.

  3. New Orleans cuisine is top notch IMO. Remember when Paul the red fish edible? I am ready for some gator and raw oysters. Your pictures are delicious!

  4. Steve says:

    We were priveleged to dine at Luke while in NOLA. The food was almost other-worldly good. The chicken was so tender and juicy, and the redfish had many layers of flavor that hit your taste buds at different times. I have seen negative reviews about their service, but we have nothing but praise for the prompt, courteous, and knowledgable staff. I am no authority, but I have eaten a lot of food over the years, and Luke’s menu afforded some of the best I have ever tasted! Thanks for the great pics.

  5. Joan LeBlanc says:

    Is there any way you would ship some boudin noir to Florida!! I hope so – a displace Cajun….

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