Introducing the Y!Phone

Today on ZDNet i wrote an article about “What If” Microsoft and Yahoo were to fully consummate their marriage and release an iPhone Killer. My brother, Brandon, who is a 3D CGI modeller in Hollywood, did a quick mock-up of what one of these units might look like. I want a Y!Phone!

a Windows Media-Powered “Y!Phone” that incorporated the features of the Zune portable media player, Wi-Fi connectivity and integration with all the Yahoo! and MSN/Microsoft online assets, built-in camera, integrated slide-out keyboard and HSDPA 3G data service with secure corporate email connectivity and ability to run third party Windows Mobile applications. This, at a corporate volume price point of less than $300 with carrier incentives, could be the device that everyone truly wants.”

2 Responses to Introducing the Y!Phone

  1. Ken says:

    More like a Why!Phone, maybe. Seriously, any product that Microhoo puts together in the next one to three years will only function like the internal land wars and in-fighting that are inevitable until their corporate cultures mesh. In other words, the product will feel like an inconsistent mash up of ideas without a single user experience.

    It’s not a bad idea — MSFT on the hardware/software side, and YHOO on the services side — but the timing is way wrong. Meanwhile, the iPhone will continue to enjoy success at the top end of the market and deliver a mid-market product that would be the Why!Phone’s bread and butter.

    I’d rather see RIMM put together a partnership with a services provider since they have years behind perfecting their Blackberry user experience. Of course, the likely partner might have been Yahoo!, but not now that they’re on their way to becoming one with the Borg.

  2. Joe S. says:

    Why? Because we can I guess. Oh Well. I shall soon expect my teenagers to hit up my wallet…again.

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