Picnic Caterers and Sara Moulton Cooking for Kaley

This week, on Wednesday the 19th, 2008, I had the opportunity to attend the second charity benefit for Kaley Smith, an infant with a debilitating brain disease. Again, it was was spearheaded and hosted by Picnic Caterers, with celebrity chef Sara Moulton as the guest of honor and who’s recipes served as the focal point of the charity event. Rachel attended in my stead last year, as I was on a business trip. I was really happy to have gone this year because I got to see Christine Nunn and the staff at Picnic Caterers in their true element, at an actual catering event.

Sara Moulton, Christine Nunn, Kaley Smith’s mom, Kerryan and big sister Kara.

Ready for some hard core catering action? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.

Plating for 120! Let’s go people!

Christine’s Butter Poached  filet mignon, a La Thomas Keller on crouton. Always a big crowd pleaser. THANK YOU LIPITOR!!!

Sara’s Creamed Corn


Salmon fillets being prepped for the oven

French De Puys Lentils with Tarragon, which was my favorite of the evening.

French Fries. Okay, I did have a few of these.

Picnic Majordomo Michelle West commanding the troops.

The very suave Javi plating Filet.

Filet closeup.

Mini Sliders. Yeah, I had one.

Sara making sure all the guest hospitality needs are taken care of.

Surf and Turf for an important guest.

Sara’s Salad, which I admit to eating two plates of.

Christine and Sara reflect on a night well done.

5 Responses to Picnic Caterers and Sara Moulton Cooking for Kaley

  1. DHL says:

    Is that Joe Cerniglia of Campania in the first picture?

  2. DHL says:

    Oops.. meant 2nd picture.

  3. Yes, Joe was helping out for the event.

  4. Butter poached filet mignon? Swoon.

  5. Leilani says:

    Hello, could you please send me the recipe for the butter poached tenderloin? I’ve been searching everywhere for one! Thank you in advance!

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