A NJ Benefit not to Miss with Great Food and Great Chefs!

3 Responses to A NJ Benefit not to Miss with Great Food and Great Chefs!

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing you there! Sara has created a great menu, and we can’t wait for another success!

    All the best

  2. Rachel Perlow says:

    I’m confessing here, that I ate so much last night! I had two of every hors d’oeuvre (at least), nearly swooning over the sliders and butter poached filet mignon (available frequently at Picnic for lunch). And the combination of the tomato confit with the rosemary shortbread was inspired. Then I had my salad and a full selection from the buffet, including 2 small pieces of fried chicken and a slice of barbecued beef brisket. And coleslaw. OK, and I had some from the “healthier” buffet as well, delicious poached salmon, French lentils, sauteed spinach. And dessert! Some of that fabulously tart berry cobbler and a chocolate white chip cookie. A whole one. I totally splurged. And I didn’t even get as sick as I figured I would (as I do when I eat too much fat these days) darn it! So, OK, I gained back one of those 40 pounds I’ve lost. It’ll come off again — a chance to enjoy Sara Moulton’s recipes as interpreted by Christine Nunn is rare.

    Some people “make up for a splurge” but I feel it’s better to just resume the regular healthy lifestyle we’ve embraced. For example, for today’s breakfast we had a vegetable omelet with Trader Joe 100% rye toast, and 4 ounces of fruit (apple & blueberry), and for lunch a salad with homemade red wine vinaigrette, lots of veggies and some shrimp, and a cup of lentil and tomato soup. A stir fry with broccoli and sugar snap peas is planned for dinner.

    But, more important than the fabulous food and diet concerns of the Perlow household, a lot of money was raised to help out a very deserving family and their sick little girl. Kaley was in the intensive care ward last night, I hope she gets out of the woods again soon. Thanks to all of the Picnic staff and other volunteers for their time and effort.

  3. […] week, on Wednesday the 19th, 2008, I had the opportunity to attend the second charity benefit for Kaley Smith, an infant with a debilitating brain disease. Again, it was was spearheaded and hosted by Picnic Caterers, with celebrity chef Sara Moulton as […]

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