Food Fight!

If this video starred people and not food, it would get an NC-17 rating for extreme ultra violence. You need to watch this a few times to get the symbolism — it starts off during World War II and works its way thru modern times. Each food item represents a specific culture, if you haven’t figured that out.

I’m not sure how to interpret the Felafel Attack on the Big Mac Towers though.

4 Responses to Food Fight!

  1. Superraizy says:

    That is so bizarre.

  2. innovatel says:

    I added this video on my blog some day ago … it’s fantastic … :)

    If the teacher learned me the history like in the video … now I know that :D

  3. Mrs.W says:

    Strange video… amazing… well done.

  4. gastronormous says:

    Who knew that watching animated food could be so depressing?

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