New Orleans Dining: Domilise’s

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5240 Annunciation St.
New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-9126

I think if you want to see the real New Orleans, you have to go and eat the the blue collar type places. And there’s nothing more New Orleans and blue collar than a Po’Boy shop.

Food writer Sara Roahen in her upcoming February 2008 book Gumbo Tales talks about a specific Po’Boy that has gone extinct, the Pepper Weiner at Domilise’s. Apparently it was some type of special sausage or hot dog that was dressed in a special way, and it was beloved by many. In any case, the Schott’s Meat company in New Orleans that manufactured the Pepper Weiner has since gone out of business, and thus it now Rests in Peace.

Domilise’s, located in the Uptown section of the city near the Prytania/Upperline area off of Tchoupitoulas street, however, is still going strong, and it has been for many decades. Regarded as one of the best sandwich shops in the city, It is a true Po’Boy shop in every respect, and makes them in a very traditional fashion, using real New Orleans French bread.

Domilise’s as you can see is very much a locals hangout.

The Carte de Po’Boys.

There’s nothing more honest and satisfying than a New Orleans Po Boy. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

The sandwich board. Notice the extensive selection of condiments used.

Can’t have a Po’Boy shop without a deep fryer.

French bread, the key ingredient of a Po’Boy.

Sausage Po’Boy, which has a chili sauce on it. It was fantastic.

Sausage Po’Boy closeup.

Shrimp Po’Boy

Shrimp Po’Boy Closeup

Cheeseburger Po’Boy

Cheeseburger Po’Boy Closeup

New Orleans Still Life. Zapps Creole Tomato Potato Chips and Barq’s Root Beer, in glass bottle. The ideal accompaniment to a real Po’Boy.

7 Responses to New Orleans Dining: Domilise’s

  1. Jessica Erny says:

    It’s great to read about this. I live on the Northshore and wish I could eat more of this good stuff.

  2. hmillic says:

    I LOVE Domilise’s!! The shrimp po boy is my favorite!!

  3. That was a damn good meal.

    I’m not sure that Domilise’s is really blue collar. Sure, that’s where it started. It really took off when the port grew, but today the cliental is as likely to be white collar as blue collar.

    A U.S. appellate judge that I know is a regular, I’ve seen Mitch Landrieu in there, and the cars lined up there for lunch are often luxury models.

  4. SpecialEm says:

    I just moved to St. Louis from New Orleans. It’s official: I’m homesick. A poboy will be the first thing I eat when I return.

  5. Jim says:

    Ahhh, you’re killing me! All I’ve got is a dry, boring turkey and swiss on wheat, and those Po’Boys look so good…you’re definitely right about going where the locals go, by the way. From Tokyo to Copenhagen to Jacksonville, always avoid the tourist crowds and find the places where residents actually EAT. My stomach has thanked me for doing so!

  6. […] with CG and her bf, J. We went to Domilise’s and I ate an oyster po-boy. *Check out this blog for some great photos! * In typical New Orleans fashion, the building wasn’t representative […]

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