New Orleans Dining: Liuzza’s By The Track

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Liuzza’s By the Track
1518 N Lopez St, New Orleans, LA

(504) 218-7888

Web Site:

Liuzza’s By The Track is one of our favorite locals places in New Orleans — their gumbo, while not super-thick like some of the other types served in the city, is of the dark roux variety and is utterly packed with meat. They are also the only restaurant in the city that serves the Barbecue Shrimp Po Boy, and is the prime reason we seek the restaurant out.

Liuzza’s By The Track on North Lopez Street.

Liuzza’s on a Monday afternoon. It’s much quieter this time of the day.

Here’s what the dining room looks like on a typical evening. This photo was taken in May of 2005.

Liuzza’s bar is a great place to cozy up to a beer and a bowl of gumbo.

Liuzza’s Iced Tea — man-fist sized!

Liuzza’s dark roux chicken, shrimp, crab and sausage gumbo, which stands out among my favorites in the city.

Gumbo Closeup

The BBQ Shrimp Po Boy, which is an entire French loaf that has been hollowed out into a tube, with one of the ends cut off and is then utterly stuffed to the brim with Barbecue Shrimp, small shrimp which have been sauteed in (lots of) butter with a hit of hot sauce and (lots of) black peppper and lemon juice. Simple yet unbelievably rich and tasty, and a shrimp lover’s paradise. You’ll need a fork and knife to eat this Po Boy, and be careful not to burn yourself on the lava-hot shrimp.

7 Responses to New Orleans Dining: Liuzza’s By The Track

  1. paris221966 says:

    Mmm, the food looks sooo good. You take awesome pictures! :-) I’ve never been to Louisiana before. Thanks for the great recommendations~!


  2. Marco says:

    New Orleans is an eater’s paradise. NOLA needs more people like you to go down and spend some cash. Thanks.

  3. Vino4dino says:

    Whenever I go to the Jazz Fest I always go to Liuzza’s afterwards. What a great place filled with great people, food, music and drink. The absolute best Gumbo, Po Boys and Bloody Marrys anywhere on earth. I live in Baltimore and I often say that it would be worth a quick trip to New Orleans just for some of that Gumbo and several of those perfect Bloody Marrys only to turn around and come back home. I often think about doing that when I only have a weekend to kill.

  4. Kevin says:

    This is probably the fifth time since my May ’08 N.O. trip that I have ventured back to this page just to see that pic of the bbq shrimp po boy…

  5. kenya conway says:

    Do you give out your recipes? If so, can I please have your chicken, shrimp, crab and sausage gumbo recipe, the one pictured in the slide show. I did’nt know about the gumbocity website and that is how I found you. I was lookin for a good gumbo recipe. I’m luvin the whole appearance of your establishment and the food made ma mouth water while I was watchin the slide show!!!!!!! I will be revisiting often.

    Thank You
    God Bless You
    Kenya Conway

  6. Jerry says:

    Can you safely walk to this location while staying in the french quarter. I definately want a taste of the BBQ Shrimp Po-boy from Liuzza’s BTT. Without a car what’s the best bet?

  7. Christie says:

    Jerry, you don’t have to walk, take the bus from esplanade or Rampart. it’s pretty inexpensive to take and the view is great! I forget the bus number but I’m sure you can find it out and definitely go there, you won’t forget the taste of the gumbo or po’boy and will crave it every day til you go back again. Taxi ride is pretty inexpensive too…maybe $5 but I like taking the bus to people watch and listen to life going on.

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