Brazil Independence Day Celebration in Newark This Week

Apologies for not getting this up sooner — the 15th Annual Brazilian Independence Day festival (click for 2006 coverage) is occurring this week, and you still have two more days to take advantage of it. It takes place on Ferry Street in Newark on Sept 2nd and September 3rd. See the coverage of last year’s event below.


Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more photos and information about the Brazilian Independence Day festival in Newark.

Last year I was yelled at for not giving anyone advance notice about one of the best Jersey food and cultural events of the year, the Brazilian Independence Day festival. So consider this putting you on notice:

9/9/2006: Photos of the 2006 festival and VIDEO posted. Click to view.

If you are into Latino food, samba music, watching scantily clothed Brazilian women dance in the streets, and indulging in perfectly legal public intoxication, this festival should NOT BE MISSED.

Here are some highlights from 2005’s festival:

A View down Ferry Street

Grilled Linguica sausages on a stick.

Fresh Coconut water drinks.

Peruvian food. The Brazil Independence Day street festival is practically the United Nations of South American and Central American cuisine, and is a great opportunity to sample a lot of stuff.

You can get all sorts of alchoholic beverages to drink, including Brazilian beer, quarts of sangria, Pina Coladas, and the famous Brazilian Caipirinha.

Frying up some pasteles, the Brazilian equivalent of an empanada.

Make sure you eat your pasteles while they are nice and hot.

The Puerto Ricans came to show their support for the Ironbound as well.

As were the Colombians with their hangar steak.

12 Responses to Brazil Independence Day Celebration in Newark This Week

  1. Booklyn says:

    Is the festival within safe walking distance of the Newark/Penn Station PATH station? From a map, it looks like Ferry Street ends a block or two away.

    BTW, the festival web site,, is still under construction.

  2. Yes its easily walkable.

  3. Booklyn says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. mark says:

    hi i want to know about the festival today and tmw is there any street festivals or just sat sunday the streeets open. thanks hope hear from you soon ciao i mean music and concert still on where about ? thanks again

  5. call the phone numbers listed at the bottom of the poster. The cultural events are today and tomorrow and the steet festival with the food is Saturday and Sunday.

  6. Takky says:

    Taco has one nut!!

  7. […] If you haven’t already seen my previous advisory, let this be your final warning. If you live in the NY/NJ metro area and you either didn’t go to Newark today or weren’t planning to go tomorrow, SHAME ON YOU. The festival on Ferry Street is open until 10PM tonight and from 8AM to 10PM tomorrow. If you are a foodie and love South American ethnic cuisine, you will kick yourself in the head if you don’t go. Here’s some photos (and a few minutes of really cool video once Google puts it up) to get your appetite started. […]

  8. […] Off The Broiler writes on the 15th Annual Brazilian Independence Day festival, which is happening in New Jersey until September 3. “Last year I was yelled at for not giving anyone advance notice about one of the best Jersey food and cultural events of the year”. Share This […]

  9. Steve K says:

    I think this year’s (2007) Brazilian Festival was very badly organized. It should have been on a closed-off Ferry Street on Saturday (one day) and not coincide with the New York party… The location of that stupid “Multiplex” parking lot near the Pulaski Skyway was a bad idea. Forget “Rodeo” it is a waste of space, money and subtle animal abuse. The turnout was awful, from what I’ve noticed. There was not enough advanced notice about this event. Nobody knew where the shuttle buses were at all, even if when it was stated on the flyer. Perhaps I should step in and organize it, so that it would be a better party next year!

    The Newark police… completely ridiculous… too many police officers and a bad use of city funds. On top of that I noticed some cops wearing ridiculous “tough guy” gear. Brazilians know how to party peacefully, they’re not raucuous idiots. Some police officers were not even working. They were buying stuff, smoking cigarettes and playing around. It’s like having former mayor Sharpe James send the police department to the Brazilian Festival, without any regard of the city budget. Cory Booker is in charge… Sharpe James should be in Jail by now for corruption charges. What was Police Director McCarthy thinking? Is intimidation the answer at a peaceful festival of song and dance the right idea? No it’s not. Get “real” next year.

  10. Mo Pho says:

    just got back from there. not much to see this year.

  11. Fred Lee says:

    I was curious about when this festival was to be, the pictures of the 2006 event were intriguing. However, although I checked this site yesterday before noon, this information was not posted and now today at 11:40 AM it is too late to organize a visit as other plans have been made.

    OTB, a little too late on this one, but I will not hold it against you.

  12. Kay says:

    Wow, it was last weekend, I can not believe I missed it, I thought it was always the 9th. That’s a bummer glad I didn’t miss out on much!

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