Atlanta Dining: Paschal’s

Paschal’s Restaurant
180B Northside Dr SW, Atlanta GA
(404) 525-2023

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Every time I visit Atlanta I try to find the penultimate Soul Food restaurant, and on each dining attempt I get a little bit closer. Last time, we went to Mary Mac’s in the Poncey-Highland section of the city. On this last August 2007 trip, we were referred to the legendary Busy Bee Cafe by Atlanta blogger Blissful Glutton. Unfortunately, when we got there on a Saturday afternoon, we found it closed (although to her credit, she did say “why didn’t you ask me first!” when we informed her of our unsuccessful mission.). At the classic barber shop next door, the guys sitting on the stoop outside referred us to Paschal’s, another important soul food eatery which has its roots in in the Civil Rights movement.

During the restaurant’s heyday in the 1960’s, Dr. King and other Civil Rights leaders frequently met and and had strategy sessions over the Paschal brothers’ fried chicken and other classic soul food dishes. Originally located on Hunter Street (since renamed Martin Luther King Drive) it has now moved to a much larger and grander location on Northside Drive. The original restaurant is scheduled to be reopened in 2008, and the food service is to be operated by Busy Bee Cafe.

Paschal’s Dining Room

Paschal’s Restaurant is one of the grandest locations for dining on Atlanta Soul Food classics. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

I loved these cornbread mini muffins. Unlike a lot of of cornbread in Atlanta, this cornbread is definitely of the less sweeter variety, which is what I prefer with soul food.

A plate of Paschal’s fried chicken with greens and mac n’ cheese. I really liked this chicken, even more than Mary Mac’s. The skin was nice and crispy and while a little on the salty side, it had a great flavor. The meat itself was pretty juicy. The greens were a bit on the spicy side, which I liked. The mac and cheese had a nice flavor but basically had been cooked into mush.

Paschal’s potato salad, which has bits of sweet pickle relish in it. I liked it.

A plate of sides. More mac and cheese, which we ordered because Rachel likes having her own. :) The green beans were somewhat overcooked, and didn’t have much flavor to them. The cornbread dressing, however, was outstanding, and I wish we ordered more of it.

8 Responses to Atlanta Dining: Paschal’s

  1. T says:

    I am glad you enjoyed Pascal’s. The old Pascal’s (the one that was at the location the Busy Bee is relocating to) was even better than the new one. Next time try the Sunday brunch. I would rather eat at Pascal’s instead of Mary Mac’s any day. The quality at Mary Mac’s has gone down every year since I’ve been in Atl (since 1998). Next time try the Beautiful and Ann’s Snack Bar.

  2. Oh we tried to get to Ann’s, we really did. But they didn’t answer the phone on Saturday.

  3. […] United States and has huge historical value to the civil rights movement, much like the original Paschal’s in […]

  4. Carolyn Hall says:

    I was visiting Atlanta overnight and asked about dining options. Paschal’s was suggested and, since the result was me having the “happy mouth”, I was glad we ate there. I had only sides and everyone (mac & cheese, greens, yams and cornbread) was excellent. I was a “clean plater”. Next time we’re in Atlanta, Paschal’s will definitely be the eatery of choice.

  5. I hope that place is still open, I want to pay it a visit really soon. It looks amazing, I wish there was a place around here like that.

  6. Randy says:

    I have been looking for somewhere to take my wife for her 40th birthday, food is one thing that works with her although I dont know where she puts it. From the pictures it looks like a nice place, the food we will have to try out.

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