NJ Dining: Casual Options at Arthur’s Landing

2/04/2009: Arthur’s Landing has closed.

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Arthur’s Landing
1 Pershing Rd, Weehawken, NJ
(201) 867-0777

Web Site: http://www.arthurslanding.com

Ever since Michael Haimowitz became chef at Arthur’s Landing, the restaurant has been transformed from a pricy, tired old city view restaurant to one of Northern New Jersey’s best dining values. Recently, we were invited to lunch to try some new casual-style menu items, including the new sandwiches such as the Arthur’s Landing burger, which I now feel should be worthy of being called one of the best burgers in the NY Metro area.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

Arthur’s Landing isn’t just a great fine dining restaurant. It’s a great casual dining option too, with a view no Manhattan restaurant can match. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

I am usually disappointed by crabcakes at most restaurants, as they are too bready don’t have enough crab in them for the money. But Arthur’s Landing’s crabcakes are essentially 98 percent lump crab meat with just a little mayo for binding, with just a little breading on the outside. They are phenonmenal.

Crab and Corn Chowder

Arthur’s Landing Chef Michael Haimowitz, shown here with Lobster Nachos, one of the new signature dishes on the Bar/Casual menu. The nachos are a fun casual item and certainly have plenty of lobster meat on them, but I think the nacho stuff overpowers the delicate taste of the lobster. Still, it’s one of the hottest sellers on the new menu. On Fridays, the restaurant also features Lobster Sliders, which are like miniature New England lobster rolls on slider buns.

The Arthur’s Landing burger is one of the best you’ll find this side of the Hudson River — it’s big, made with 85 percent lean chuck and nice, juicy, and cooked perfectly medium rare. You can’t ask for a better burger. The fries are also cut from fresh potatoes and double fried, French bistro style.

Chickpea Fries with Chipotle Mayo are great to share.

The Salmon Carpaccio and Tuna Tartare with Citrus-Chile Oil and Avocado is a great healthy dining option. We ate the entire dish, it was refreshing and guiltless.

Barramundi is a fish that originates from the coast of Australia. At Arthur’s Landing it is prepared pan-roasted with baby spinach, hon shimeji mushrooms and fingerling potatoes — a fantastic pairing.

You can get a nice view of the NY Waterway traffic from the restaurant.

The Banana Dulce de Leche Sundae is a real knockout dessert.

As is the frozen S’mores, which has a chocolate semifreddo underneath the melted marshmallow, with a graham cracker base.

11 Responses to NJ Dining: Casual Options at Arthur’s Landing

  1. maliha11 says:

    god my mouth is watering already ………. i love sea food and this is just out of this world, thats just amazingly looking like heaven!!! DEAR lord that look delicious!!! thanks for the pictures please don’t stop posting as many pictures as you can!!!

  2. kobi says:

    Wow, that looks amazing… I’ve never been able to resist the pull of Ruth’s Chris when in Weehawken, but I will probably do so next time… Thanks for posting, Jason.

  3. maliha11 says:

    i am just coming here to look at the food kinda late for lunch so was trying to get full by observing :) !!!!

  4. sarmadsworld says:

    wow … so are you a chef of some sort … because all this food is making my mouth water … btw im opening up a restraunt and i need help … :|

  5. figswithbri says:

    What deliciously presented food. I’m a veggie, and it even looks good to me. I love the trend towards sliders, with interesting side dishes rather than the giant 1/2 pounders. Great pics, especially with the unpredictable lighting that restaurants have. http://figswithbri.com/

  6. paris221966 says:

    Hmm, looks pretty damn good to me! Perhaps I should visit NJ for the first time while I’m visiting NY for the first time ~

    What a great view!

  7. Xenos says:

    That looks absolutely incredible.

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  9. Bob Remm says:


    I have never been disappointed with either the food or the service at Arthur’s, and I recommend the establishment to everyone I come in contact with.

    I have always admired the art work hung on the walls and would like to know the name of the artist that produced the paintings of swimming fishes. Could you tell me who that might be? I would loove to buy some of the painters work.

    Bob Remm

  10. […] of these restaurants have typically been more focused on the setting rather than the food. Indeed, that mold had been broken by Arthur’s Landing which had garnered critical acclaim by even the New York Times, but its success was not to last, […]

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