Sausage Fritatta: Breakfast of Champions

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With every impending vacation, there is always the need to clean out the refrigerator of leftovers. I hate food waste, and while I don’t like eating leftovers, there are creative things you can do with them. One of the best ways to use up leftover meat and vegetables is to make a fritatta, a kind of fancy Italian omelet.

Here I’ve taken leftover sausage from our Sausage and Pepper subs , heated them up in a nonstick pan, and sauteed them up with chopped garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and parsley from the garden. Then I added four beaten large eggs, with a little bit of milk added, seasoned with salt and fresh ground pepper, and lowered the heat to low heat, slowly heating the eggs thru and peeling back the sides of the omelet so the uncooked egg on top runs down to the bottom of the pan. Then I added chopped up leftover fresh mozzarella cheese. After cooking the eggs for about four minutes on low, I put the pan under the broiler in my toaster oven to melt the cheese and cook the top of the fritatta for about 3 minutes. Then I used a rubber spatula to run along the sides of the omelet to make sure everything is well cooked. After letting the fritatta rest for a few minutes, I cut it into two big pieces. Serve with toast and coffee.

Fritatta closeup.

5 Responses to Sausage Fritatta: Breakfast of Champions

  1. Jim says:

    Good God, that looks amazing…but don’t you need pasta for a frittata?

  2. Nope. That’s just a different kind of Fritatta.

  3. E. Nassar says:

    That sausage can make everything taste great Jason. I’m very curios about the bread tho. What’s that exactly? You wouldn’t be calling chocolate pound cake ‘toast’ would you :-)?

  4. Elie: Black Pumpernickel.

  5. paris221966 says:

    Mmm! Look pretty damn good to me! wow. Are you a chef? If so, where do you work?

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