NJ Dining: 2007 Summer Ice Cream Parlor Guide (UPDATED)

Summer is here, and you know what that means — its time for Ice Cream and Italian Ices.

We’ve compiled our list of must-go Ice Cream shops to visit this summer. With a few exceptions, most of these make their ice cream on premises, from scratch. All of these represent the best ice cream New Jersey has to offer. If you think we missed an important one, email us at jperlow at gmail.com

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for our Must-Go Ice cream list!

Nasto’s (Newark)

Holsten’s (Bloomfield)

Magic Fountain (Bloomfield and Multiple Locations)

Bischoff’s (Teaneck)

Marc and Julie’s (West Orange)

Guernsey Crest (Paterson)

Applegate Farm (Montclair and Multiple Locations)

Dairy Queen (Teaneck and Multiple Locations)

Van Dyke (Ridgewood)

Archetypus Cafe (Edgewater)

Yolato (Edgewater)

Ploch’s Farm (Clifton)

Clyde’s (Garfield)

Ice Milan (Whippany)


Hoffman’s (Point Pleasant Beach and Spring Lake)



Honorable Mentions (No Photos Yet)

Baumgart’s (Englewood, Ridgewood, Edgewater)

Baumgart’s in Englewood started out as a ice cream parlor in the 1950’s but was eventually sold off to a Chinese family which turned it into a Asian restaurant. They kept the home-made ice cream tradition and original soda fountain storefront, and the original name. There are now multiple locations, but go to the original Englewood location.

Thomas Sweet Ice Cream & Chocolate (Princeton)

For those of us in Middlesex (or Mercer) County as well as students at Rutgers and Princeton both locations are three season institutions. The ice cream is incredible, the “blend-ins” even better and the remaining options (drinks, sundaes and chocolates) all solid. (Rob, Off the Broiler reader)

21 Responses to NJ Dining: 2007 Summer Ice Cream Parlor Guide (UPDATED)

  1. John N. says:

    2 doors down from Holsten’s in Bloomfield is Cafe Tartufo. They have the best gelato I have ever had. This is where the Sopranos cast/crew actually ate while filming at Holsten’s.

  2. NY BITE CLUB says:

    Hi Jason,

    Great article as always.. I will tell you to try Halo Pub in Princeton really good spot.. I also like Maginificos in East Brunswick for great vanilla soft serve and homemade waffle sandwiches..

  3. thelocomono says:

    DUFFERS!!! GO TO DUFFERS!!! It is not north Jersey but SOUTH JERSEY at Wildwood, insane ice cream and family atmosphere.

    Where is the rest of this link you are talking about?

  4. TheLocoMono says:

    You scream, I scream, we all SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!!

  5. […] created a niche blog posting his personal reviews of places to eat in NYC and NJ.  Once I saw his New Jersey Ice Cream blog, I knew he sold me down the Hudson River to […]

  6. I’m a fan of Van Dyk’s (correct spelling) in Ridgewood for sure. They now also sell their ice cream at Holy Grounds in Allendale, though the options are limited (6 or so flavors – and unfortunately, not the Cantelope, which is awesome).

  7. anonymom says:

    We are sorely missing a blog-worthy parlor in Somerset County. There’s newly-opened Mike’s Cafe in Bedminster which friends rave about, but their pistachio had a strange aftertaste, and I base all ice cream greatness on pistachio, so it gets a no vote from me.

  8. Michelle says:

    I noticed that Torrico’s which is located in downtown Jersey City isn’t on the list. They serve homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate chip cookie dough to pumpkin to mamey. For more info on it, you can check out http://www.kannekt.com/cgi-bin/r.pl?ID=2707&&City=Jersey&&FullCity=Downtown%20Jersey%20City

  9. […] created a niche blog posting his personal reviews of places to eat in NYC and NJ.  Once I saw his New Jersey Ice Cream blog, I knew he sold me down the Hudson River to […]

  10. Incredible, incredible pictures (and all that research you had to do!). I now must have an ice cream. Or a gelato. I’m not fussy. Just as long as it is sweet and cold.


  11. Jim says:

    Thanks to those pictures I have to stop at Dairy Queen on my way home today.

  12. jpr54_ says:

    Lyndhurst Bakery has great ices

  13. Scott Adler says:

    Well I am in South Florida so after reading this I guess I am off to Jaxson’s in Dania Beach. Ever Been Jason?

  14. Yes, many times :) Usually on the way back from Jai Alai or Rustic Inn Crabhouse!

  15. Scott Adler says:

    Wow I didn’t think anyone went to Jai Lai anymore. I think they put in slot machines there. The horse tracks all have them now too.

    You coming down again this winter?

  16. John Fox says:

    Country Cow Creamery on Inman Ave. in Colonia has the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve been to Holsten’s. The place is actually an ice cream parlor and craft store. They were named best ice cream by the Star Ledger last year as well as the News Tribune and others. They were featured on Rachel Ray’s show and on Live with Regis Philbin. http://www.countrycow.com.

  17. Hugo says:

    Need to visit:

    Elizabeth NJ… homemade Italian Ice Shack in the “Petersburg” section of Elizabeth near the highschool. I believe that is 1st ave, closest to the river… only two flavors a day… but the best two flavors you’ll ever have… ;-)

  18. coco says:

    Ice Milan in Whippany has the best gelato in NNJ. better than places in Soho

  19. Mo Pho says:

    Ice Milan’s affogato is amazing. I’ve had it evryday while I was in Italy. I was happy to find it here in the states.

  20. ahall says:

    that SUCKED!!!JKJK ROCK ON!!!!

  21. You should try the Dry Dock in Cape may, great ice cream sundaes and shakes.

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