Will It Blend? iPhone

Do you want to find out? Oh yes you do

3 Responses to Will It Blend? iPhone

  1. wonders says:

    I love the golf balls and mcdonalds meal ones!

  2. Jon says:

    What’s amazing is that people are actually BIDDING on eBay for the REMAINS of that iPhone. Seriously.


    I mean I get that this auction also includes a Blender, and they list for $400, but with the bidding up around $570 now, that means people are paying $170 bucks for iPhone dust and some lousy t-Shirt!

    A funny thing is that there’s a clip up on YouTube of some dude at a radio station who bought a Blendtec and as part of a radio stunt tried blending Wii game controllers. It was obvious from the clip that the Will It Blend videos have to be doing some minor cheating (like video editing a few hours of blending into a shorter looking sequence) to get some of the results we see. Sure, it blends this stuff, but it takes TIME.

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