NJ Dining: Englewood Farmers Market

The 2007 Englewood Farmers market has re-opened for the season as of Friday, July 6.

Englewood Farmers Market
North Van Brunt Street & Demarest Avenue

Englewood, NJ

Contact: Tina Evans
(201) 871-6645
Friday, 11:00a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

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Summer is here and the Jersey farmers markets are out in full force. One of the ones I like to go to is the Englewood market, which is on Fridays.

This coffee guy is one of my favorites. He made a nice iced coffee for me (Gulden fair trade organic Colombian) which took the edge off the heat real nice.

Rock Hill Bakehouse is a high end artisan bakery. Pricey, but good.

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more Englewood Farmers Market photos.

We buy this guy’s mozzarella every Friday. So good, especially in an Insalata Caprese.

Dr. Pickle is in the hizzzzzouse!

Nice bushy basil plants, if you haven’t planted your own already.

These are NY State strawberries, not the bloated nasty Driscoll things you get the supermarket with the mostly white cores. Totally worth the money.

Locally grown cherries. They got the sour red ones too.

NJ corn and tomatoes are just starting to show up. Mmmmm.

New color varieties of cauliflower.

Cauliflower closeup.

7 Responses to NJ Dining: Englewood Farmers Market

  1. Jon says:

    Don’t EVER use the phrase “hizzzzzouse” again. Thank yew! :-)

  2. Jon says:

    A few of these same vendors appear to move over to Fort Lee (next to the Community Center) on Sunday mornings. “A few” being the operative phrase, since there only seem to be about 5 or 6 vendors at the Fort Lee Farmer’s market, but they are decent ones.

  3. There’s only like 5 vendors at the Englewood one as well.

    Another really nice market is the Teaneck Market, which I plan to revisit next week:


    Teaneck has the Amish.

  4. Ubu Walker says:

    I love farmers markets, but the prices on the produce are ridiculous. $6 for a pint of strawberries? I bought an entire quart of strawberries at a local farm that were delish for $5. Buying produce directly from the farmers should be less expensive than going to the supermarket, not 2x as expensive!

  5. Emily says:

    There is a nice excerpt in Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Animal Vegetable Mirable” about the price of locally-grown farmer’s market vegetables. What Steven Hopp, her husband, writes is that there is more to the common complaint that organic/local food is just too expensive: He proposes that we’re already paying a lot of money for conventional foods, before they get to the supermarket–in the form of tax dollar subsidies for petroleum used to grow, process and ship these foods in addition to the costs, which he doesn’t specifically outline for the destruction to the environment and to our health caused by industrial farming.

    His point is nicely summed up: “the main difference is that organic growers aren’t forcing us to pay expenses they’ve shifted into other domains, such as environmental and health damage . As they’re allowed to play a larger role in the U.S. agricultural economy, our subsidy cost to industrial agriculture will decrease.” It’s a few dollars up front for fewer later on…


  6. bruce lieberman says:

    We would love to become a vendor at your farmers market. Please let us know how to proceed

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