NJ Dining: Bartolomeo (Old Location)

Bartolomeo has Moved to Englewood. Click Here to read about the new store.

When I want Italian deli and gourmet items, my first instinct is to head right to the Bronx for the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. However, I’m not always in the mood to head over the GW and into a potential Cross-Bronx traffic quagmire, so I’m always on the lookout for good Italian stores here in Northern NJ. The most notable one in the area is Jerry’s Gourmet in Englewood (a Ridgewood location also opened in 2006) but it can be a mob scene on the weekends and the parking lot is frequently full.

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Bartolomeo, a much smaller store in Palisades Park, has escaped my notice for several years now, but for no longer — it’s going to remain on my hot list whenever I need good salumi, pasta, and Italian goods for our pantry.

The Bartolomeo store on Grand Avenue in Palisdades Park. Plans are being made for a second larger store in downtown Englewood.

You don’t need to go to the Bronx to get great Italian gourmet goods. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Bartolomeo has all the Italian sodas and juices and mineral waters that you could possibly want. They also stock the elusive Manhattan Special, my favorite espresso coffee soda from Brooklyn, which comes in regular and diet versions.

Bartolomeo has a huge selection of pasta to offer, and specializes in different kinds of Whole Wheat and whole grain enriched (integrale) pasta of different types. This was started because Carlo Bartolomeo, one of the owners, was told by his doctor to try to eat healthier. “I’m an Italian. I gotta have my pasta on Sunday” he told me.

This is a pasta dish we made with the Misura brand whole wheat enriched pasta from Bartolomeo, with chicken, fresh mozzarella (their mozzarella is excellent and only lightly salted, with a great milk taste) and fresh tomato and lemon basil from our garden.

Bartolomeo carries several brands of DOP San Marzano tomatoes, a critical ingredient in making a real pasta sauce.

Among many different brands of olive oils, Bartolomeo has its own super-premium extra virgin first pressing olive oil from the Puglia region of Italy that is excellent.

The counter and pre-prepared foods area.

Bartolomeo’s Prosciutto di Parma is a 17 month old.

Here is a melon and prosciutto appetizer we made with Bartolomeo’s 17-month old prosciutto. The ham has a sweet rather than salty quality.


Insalata Caprese that we made using Bartlomeo’s fresh mozzarella. The best!

Bartolomeo’s fresh Italian Sausage is also of excellent quality. Here’s a sandwich we made recently using their Hot sausage.

Here is the partial sandwich menu — and you can have them make you any kind of sandwich you want. However, If you really want the best sandwich there is, you’ll want to ask for the “Bartolomeo” signature Italian sub.

The Bartolomeo sandwich under construction.

The Bartolomeo, with 17-month old Prosciutto di Parma added.

Bartolomeo sandwich with a side order of antipasto.

Bartolomeo sandwich closeup.

Bartolomeo’s meat balls, which are not to be missed and come in a great simple marinara sauce.

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12 Responses to NJ Dining: Bartolomeo (Old Location)

  1. snoh says:

    Geez, now you are tempting me, really tempting me. The meatballs and the tripe sound exciting. I am guessing they do not come with pasta?

    I may have to break my oath of Korean only and visit Bartolomeo. And what are their hours? They seem to be closed on Sundays.

    Isn’t prociutto usually eaten with honeydew?

  2. jd2718 says:

    It’s wonderful to have a place like this in Jersey. But you still want to come to the Bronx.

    My friend (from Jersey) comes into the Market, gets fresh figs, brings them over to the meat guy and has him make prosciut/sliced figs/mozzarella sandwiches. Have you ever had? (If you try them at home, he dresses it with balsamic)

  3. Double0 says:

    Yoy might want to try out the brick oven pizza next door. I’ve had it a couple of times for lunch and the slioes are well above regular.

  4. IHeartGarlic says:

    I think the Arthur Ave retail market is overrated. The market itself, I mean. Much better are the little stores in the neighborhood.

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  7. C K "GUS" GRUNEISEN SR says:




  8. Kim says:

    You haven;’t mentioned the delicious soups they have. Also, when is the new store coming to Englewood? I look forward to that, I won’t have to travel so far!!!!

  9. […] of the last year, the Bartolomeo family had been building the 3600 square foot replacement to its former Palisades Park store — which now resides on Dean Street in Englewood. As many of you are aware, Englewood is home […]

  10. fran miller says:

    in englewood u must try cassies pizzeria the best brick oven pizza in the whole state and the
    food is excellent as well

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