Consider The Following

6 Responses to Consider The Following

  1. bellevelma says:

    LOL! Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t afford an iPhone. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Jon says:

    Every Time You Play With Your Iphone…

    …you ask yourself, “was this really worth putting another mortgage on my house”?

  3. rslux says:

    All your memes are belong to us!

  4. DOCE says:

    My husband is consumed by his new iPhone, watching movies and sending internet messages day and night. Keeping him calm and occupied is worth it, no matter how many kittens might die. Sorry.

  5. Gabby the Flying Squirrel says:

    DOCE: Good for you and your husband! Long term use of tranquilizers and muscle relaxants can have a deletirious effect on one’s mind. Also kevlar restraints are expensive. Kittens are cheap.

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