NJ Dining: New Barbecue Pit

New Barbecue Pit
100 N Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ

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Recently I was depressed to hear that one of my favorite local ice cream places, CustardThing, had closed down. I was aware that the location was on the real estate market for some time, but I was in denial that the place would eventually shut down. When I saw that a “barbecue” place had recently opened up in its place, I said to myself, “Oh, great. Another one of those places where they boil the ribs, slap some sauce on it and call it barbecue.”

Well thankfully, I was wrong. New Barbecue Pit is actually a Filipino barbecue place, which is a legit form of barbecue that is practiced in the Pacific Rim. It’s owned by the Cancio family, who previously owned another barbecue take-out restaurant further down on Washington avenue, but in a more inconvenient location. The new location has ample parking with indoor and outdoor table seating and allows the family to offer more menu items. The specialty of the restaurant is Lechón, or whole roasted pig, with a crispy skin. The process is similar to the Cuban technique known as Caja China, by which an entire pig can be cooked in 3 or 4 hours in a special roasting box. In addition to the Lechón, New Barbecue Pit has other Filipino specialties such as ribs and chicken which are charcoal grilled and basted in a lip-smacking sweet Teriyaki-style sauce.

Barbecue Pit Storefront on Washington Avenue in Bergenfield. Parking is in the rear.

Don’t fear the pig, lip-smacking-good Filipino BBQ awaits. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more!

Counter area.

The Menu. Click here for close-up.

Two different types of rice are offered at the restaurant for take-out, Garlic and Jasmine. Yellow rice can also be ordered for large catering orders.

Rice cooker closeup.

Garlic Rice closeup

The dining room has a few tables where you can sit in and eat.

The steam table has all sorts of freshly-made dishes ready to go.

BBQ Pork on a Stick.

Racks of Lechón cooling.

Carlos Cancio and his son Louie run the restaurant. He brought out a whole BBQ pig to show me.

Another look at the whole piggie, with crispy skin

Pig head closeup.

A plate of Lechón, with pieces of crispy skin

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, made from the whole pig.

Lumpiang Shanghai are miniature spring rolls filled with ground pork, minced onion, carrots, and spices with the mixture held together by beaten egg. They’re similar to Vietnamese Cha Gio.

Lumpia cross-section.

Satay, charcoal grilled chicken on a stick, with Teriyaki sauce.

BBQ Spare Ribs.

Half BBQ chicken, with Teriyaki BBQ sauce.

Mixed appetizer plate, with Lumpia, Satay, and BBQ rib.

15 Responses to NJ Dining: New Barbecue Pit

  1. spamwise says:

    Just a nitpick — satay is not in of itself a Filipino dish as I’m sure you well know.

    Most of what’s on the menu is however. And it’s making me incredibly hungry [again].

    Now I’m wondering if they use bagoong in their pinakbet.

  2. extrapolater says:

    That looks delicious. Too bad I live too far away to sample any.

  3. PanFriedFlounder says:

    Thanks for the information on Barbecue Pit. We ordered a whole roasted pig for our daughter’s graduation party and it was delicious!!! By the way, my wife is Cuban and her family also gave their approval because they know whole roasted pigs! I mentioned to the owner’s son that I saw their restaurant info on your website and he was unaware! Hopefully he’s gotten a chance to see it since. We’ll definitely be ordering another lechon from them again!

  4. Andre T. says:

    I’ll go only if you promise me the whole pigs can’t be seen from the customer side of the counter. Just seeing these pictures has me wondering when I can next have bacon or a nice ham and cheese sandwich without thinking about it.

    I’m one of those folks that do not really want to see even a whole chicken or turkey, a whole lobster, or whole shrimp with head still on. In fact, not even the little leggys of the peel and eat shrimp (shuddering) . I’ll eat any chicken pieces, and a lobster tail. And I love the big Alaskan King Crab legs but I can barely get through the de-shelling process. I’ll freak out watching that show “The Deadliest Catch” where they are whole and moving. Yikes! Sorry to go so far off subject.

  5. carnealfuoco says:

    nice place!! we miss in Italy place like this!!

    greetings from the italian barbecue fans community
    carne al fuoco – il piacere del barbecue

  6. Monica says:

    I went on Monday night but they were closed..according to their menu, they open 7 days.
    I wonder if they went out of business already?

  7. barrykurtz says:

    Had lunch there today. Pork on a stick excellent. BBQ ribs, meat falling off the bone delicious. Definitely a keeper. Will be back. Recommended.

  8. Jericho says:

    My family and I discovered this place while they were in their original location. Glad to know that they opened a bigger and better restaurant. The BBQ and the lechon is definitely the best that we have ever tasted. One should try their Sisig (crispy pieces of pork) which is one of our favorites. Unfortunately, we had to move to Connecticut but whenever we get the chance, we stop by the place when we visit NJ. Highly recommended!!!

  9. Louie Cancio says:

    After this review the chef started doing his own blogs. For details on menu and food item you can check it out at bbqmenu.blogspot.com

  10. Irene T says:

    I ordered lechon and some food from them for my son’s first birthday party. We loved the lechon and the sisig and dinuguan. My party was a blast because of the delectable food. My visitors asked for Mang Carlos’ number already, so be sure to expect more calls. The delivery option is certainly a plus especially that we are here in Brooklyn. Thank you again Mang Carlos and Louie.

  11. That’s amazing. That pig is huge! I’m amazed it will cook all the way through without any issues. Must take a while.

  12. foodie4life says:

    My husband is filipino and has introduced me to all the filipino foods i love like lumpia, bbq on a stick, lechon etc…for those of you who live in central jersey there is a brand new filipino/american place that has opened that has some of the best lumpia and bbq on a stick that i have ever tasted ..its call “LUMPIA PLACE”–located at 731 ROUTE 33 IN HAMILTON NJ—ITS A MUST TRY !! 609- 584-1560

  13. Celyn F says:

    Hi there ….

    there’s this great lechon (pig roast) that i tasted over the holidays….. it was so tasty …. crunchy, succulent, and the aroma was great …. you could never stop eating …everyone love it…. after asking around … i finally got the name where they ordered it ….. http://www.lechondecebu.com with a phone number as well….. you should try it….. if you are in the New Jersey area…. and it’s not far from New York City…. they even deliver for an additional fee…. Phone number is 732 275 4641

  14. louie cancio says:

    @ Jason Perlow…I saw you on Anthony Bourdain’s show “obsession” That looked like a really good salad at the White Mana Hamburger. Looking at all the pictures you took here I must say your obsession is a blessing. Maybe korean kimchi or indian curry may bring you back to good health. Please stop by the Barbecue Pit during the summer we have organic mesclun growing around the building.

  15. Babyre says:

    Hello magkanu po ba ang lechon? Asap

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