More Mango Madness (UPDATED)

After my run-in with the Mango Mafia, I’m now completely hooked on Indian Mangoes. The problem with that is they are practically unobtanium and now I am willing to go to extremes to get them, which includes adding a second mortgage to my house and selling members of my family into slavery. The current situation, which probably won’t be resolved soon, is that 95 percent of all Indian Mangoes destined for the United States already have been spoken for, and are going to high-end restaurants and private consumers. The remaining 5 percent is being sold to Indian grocery stores, and typically each store is only getting in a few cases every week. We are now approaching the end of the Indian mango season, which starts in March and ends in July.

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One of the primary exporters of Indian mangoes is Desai.

The other major exporter is KayBee Exports.

Patel Brothers/Patel Cash and Carry, with its import and distribution company Raja Foods, maintains most of the sales channel in the NY Metro area and in the Midwest. Patel currently deals with about 15 exporters of mangoes right now, and expects to be dealing with 50 next year. So the good news is more mangoes and more varieties are coming.

Mahendra Kumar Patel runs the Jersey City Patel Cash and Carry Store, and gets in hundreds of cases a week. Patel has multiple stores in Queens as well as in Iselin, New Jersey. Patel Brothers, with all their regional stores in total, gets in around 3000 cases with each air shipment from India via Emirates SkyCargo, which occurs about every week. So if you want your mangoes, I suggest you buy directly from the source.

Mahendra opens a box of Dashehari mangoes for us to ensure their quality.

That’s a lot of mangoes.

Kesar mangoes, in the box. There are 10 pieces to a box and you can expect to pay 35-40 bucks a case IF you are lucky to find a Indian grocery that has them. Patel has good prices, I was able to get them for 30 bucks a case.

Indian Mangoes are individually wrapped in protective foam sheaths to keep them from getting damaged.

A portion of Kesar mango cut up and plated. Look how juicy this is!

7 Responses to More Mango Madness (UPDATED)

  1. Jon says:

    As incredible as these taste (and they DO)… OUCH. As much as $4 a fruit?

    Just ouch.

    I’m willing to admit that these puppies may be 5 times better than Mexican mangoes, but somehow the math breaks down when it comes down to actually PAYING 5 times as much.

  2. more than 5 times as much, dude. A whole case of the Mexican ones go for 6 or 7 bucks when they are in season.

  3. Christine says:

    Jason brought a few over to a very busy and hungry Picnic crew on Saturday. We ADORED them. Wow. Worth every penny if you ask me.

  4. Sandy says:

    Is Rachel considering making a batch of her fabulous mango sorbet with these?

  5. we got some really ripe Alphonsos from another store over the weekend that i think I’m going to make sorbet with.

  6. Heather says:

    Oh, those mangoes. As soon as I heard Patel Bros. had them, that weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Metro DC location in Fairfax…. we got one of the last cases of Alphonsos. They were so worth every penny. I am looking forward to mangosteens. I can’t wait to try them.

  7. ak singh says:

    Pl. put up the picture of Kesar mango before wrapping to know the real mango.

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