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I’m not in the practice of adding blogs to my blogroll when the paint isn’t yet dry on them, but in this case, I’m going to make an exception — because the first post is a literal treasure trove of guidance to Palisades Park, the Korean food Mecca of Northern New Jersey. Always Hungry, written by Snoh, was a direct response to my “Calling all Koreans” inquiry a few weeks ago, and it looks like he’s off to a hell of a start  — he’s written descriptive summaries of about two dozen restaurants and food-related businesses that should keep any Korean food-curious diner busy for weeks if not months. I’m really looking forward to his other posts about food.


3 Responses to Blogroll: Always Hungry

  1. tigerborn says:

    Have you checked out the Japanese seafood buffet reastauant called Minado in Little Ferry, NJ? It’s located right next to the huge H Mart. It’s surprisingly good. Definitely go there for the immense variety of sushi, sashimi and cold salads. (They have hot entrees and desserts as well. But the sushi and cold salads are the standouts.) I went there today for Father’s Day and the place was packed. Definitely a huge step up from your typical Asian buffet in terms of quality and price. They do have a website:

  2. Jon says:

    Jason has been there. He’s even posted about it:

    I’ve been there as well. Its definitely a worthy trip.

  3. Anthony A says:

    I paid a visit to So Mun Nan Jip BBQ today ,and the banchan (appetizers) is just as Snoh described in his synopsis of the place: seemingly endless. You will need to cherry pick the plates that that you desire because, there is no way you can finish all of them and still have room for your entree.

    Since I had a desire for BBQ I order the Kalbi Box. In addition the the Short Rib this came with 2 Maki Rolls, a rice cake, 1 piece of Korean Fried Chicken, Salad, Dipping Sauce and Wasabi Paste. I was impressed by the flavor complexity in most plates, but felt the marinade to have just a little to much sweetness on the Kalbi. I am inexperienced with Pacific Rim cuisines so i do not know if this the norm. Overall it was pleasant experience for the “whopping” $8.50 that I plunked down for this lunch. I will take another ride to Broad Ave next week to see if there are any other worthy bites to report.

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