NYC Dining: Hill Country NYC

Hill Country NYC
30 West 26th Street (Between 6th and Broadway)
(212) 255-4544

Web Site: 

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We couldn’t get enough of Hill Country during its pre-opening Texas Wine Dinner (click for previous photos) so we decided to head in Friday night to sample the Q on opening night. We weren’t disappointed.

Ready for some good eatin’? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Ed Levine, Robin Lee, Alaina Browne from Serious Eats

Looks like Ed is making Serious Eats of them ribs.

The finalized price list. No, its not cheap, but its damn good.

Like its Lockhart, Texas counterparts such as Kreuz, Smitty’s and Black’s, all the food is placed onto butcher paper and weighed. You can order as small a quantity as you like, by the pound.

Kreuz Jalapeno cheese links.

Market BBQ chicken, which is as tender and juicy as can be

Big Lou with a rack.

Slicing up some lean brisket.

Now that’s a knife.

Weighing up our rack of ribs

Piling it on a chicken

Juicy Brisket, mostly cut from the deckle.

Our pile gets higher

A trio of salads — cole slaw, potato salad and cucumber salad.

Like at Katz’s Deli, DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET.

Opening up our pile at the table

The nice piece of rib meat at the end of the rack.

Texas Post Oak, used for smoker fuel

Assistant Pitmaster Big Lou Elrose with a Kreuz link he just pulled out of the finishing pit

Opening up the finishing pit

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes and Pecan Pies

Banana Pudding. Yum.

Corn Bread

Executive Chef Elizabeth Karmel and Pitmaster Robbie Richter

Elizabeth with her Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcakes.

12 Responses to NYC Dining: Hill Country NYC

  1. […] Click here for Hill Country opening night photos  […]

  2. carri says:

    There’s a great band coming to play Tuesday June 19 and Wed. June 20 at Hill Country.Theya re called The Belleville Outfit.Members are from NC, New Orleans and Austin. They are great!

  3. hon says:

    hey! the belleville outfit is awesome!! But i think there website is actually

  4. Frosty says:

    Brought in from here last week. The brisket was excellent, the prime rib good but not nearly worth the $30/lb. The ribs were very good, although some of the pieces were a bit tough near the ends. The baked bean side was kinda nasty to me, personally, because it’s full of red peppers, which I can’t stand. Mac and cheese was good.

    The problem is the prices! $7.50 for a “medium side” of mac n cheese amounts to one soup bowl full. That’s criminal prices. $3.50 for one of those tiny 2 piece corn breads (which were good). The meat wasn’t too bad–but still really expensive.

    Daisy May is a better deal, IMO, and the sides are MILES better. The meat might be better here, though.

    Oh, and the servers at Hill Country were the most clueless bunch I’ve ever seen. It took me 10 minutes to get 6 ribs, one slice of steak and a lb of brisket. They were like the Stooges. I assume they’ll get better, but DAMN…

  5. South Carolina says:

    Hey, I just saw Belleville Outfit in SC Saturday night. They drew about 400 people to a venue in the middle of the woods and put on an awesome show! This is not your average band. If you go, you won’t soon forget them!

  6. lynne says:


  7. denise says:

    I saw The Belleville Outift last Wednesday.They were an awesome group! such talented young people and fun to dance to. Hope Hill Country will bring them back soon!

  8. damian says:

    There are no waiters here so the restaurant saves money on labor and tries to dress it up as cute theme for the restaurant. The result is an overpriced cafeteria experience.

    Let me run through the whole experience. Your given a meal ticket that they tell you to hold on to but the don’t tell you that if you loose it the fee is 50.00 that is in micro type buried on the back of the ticket. The tickets also have no prices they are on a board above where you ask for what you want.

    You have to find and claim a seat for your self, then wait in different lines for Meat, Side dishes, and drinks although the do have cocktail waitress ‘s if you want to order from them.

    Its just too much damn work for the prices your paying for dinner. The meat is fine the sides were not good. The Mac and Cheese was made with Penne maybe the make it big in texas and dry too. They also didn’t serve greens or pulled pork. I guess they dont’ have that in texas.

    We had to explain 4 times to the cashier that the small markings on the used card were our notations of what we wanted to order and even though they were outside the area designated for the servers and we had not indeed ordered a duplicate amount on a third ticket. Please don’t write on your meal ticket.

    The final insult is that when your walking out the door there is a security person who asks you if you’ve turned in your “Meal Card” The last time I used a meal card was college. I don’t expect to pay this much money to be treated a criminal. Had She paid attention she could have observed us paying for the meal and not had to question our integrity.

  9. extramsg says:

    The brisket looks overcooked. It shouldn’t be falling apart like that. Brisket should look like this.

    I actually think the prices sound fair. Yeah, it’s a lot more expensive than Texas, but so what. Lockhart is some podunk town where land, employees, and beef is cheap. $17/lb for smoked brisket seems reasonable. Prime rib at $30/lb? No problem. As long as they’re buying quality product and not just getting whatever Sysco or whoever is selling cheap.

  10. ExtraMSG:

    These were photos from opening night. I suspect they’ve done quite a bit of tweaking since then.

    Falling apart or not, I thought the flavor was excellent, and I’ve had enough Lockhart ‘Q to know it was damnned good.

  11. […] a stupid size, enormous and with about an inch of frosting on top. (You can see a picture of it at Off the Broiler — scroll to the bottom.) I loved it for the novelty but it was way too sweet for my […]

  12. David Steur says:

    I am honored to live in the same town as the Belleville Outfit. I see this band everytime I can all around central Texas. This band is well beyond there years. I have been into the Austin Music Scene for over 10 years and band come and go but the Belleville Outfit stand above all the rest. They were just named as Austin Best New Local Band by the Austin Chronicle. This band has only been together since April 2007 but sound like they have been playing together for many years. Pheobe Hunt will be a mega star she just needs to get her voice out there. Conner Forsyth is a master Jazz Pianist he electrifies every crowd with his piano mastery. Jonothan Konya the Jazz Drummer is one of the best Jazz Drummer in Austin. Rob Teter the Lead Singer is one of the most soleful white man I have ever heard. He sings Jazz to Old Country without missing a beat. The lead Guitarist Marshall Hood is a quite performer that lets his guitar do all the talking. The way he switches from his different types of guitars and never missing a note. Last but not least the Band would not be what is it with out the low sounds of Upright Bass Player Jeff Brown. Together this band will rock any auditorium or local bar. See this band now because in a couple of years you will have to pay big bucks to see them at there concerts

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