Blogroll: New York Social Diary

I can’t stand listening to or reading about the whereabouts and hijinks of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie or any of the heiresses or beautiful people (I guess because I don’t count as one of them!) but I really like Jordana Zizmor’s Dining Blog on New York Social Diary. Jordana, who used to be one of our tireless interns at eGullet, writes a Saturday column that tracks all the cool restaurant and dining posts from all the NYC-area food blogs, Off The Broiler included.

So even if you don’t get invited to all the cool parties for New York’s privileged set, you can still eat like one of them. Although frankly, I think those girls need to take Jordana’s advice and eat a bit more. Yikes. How about a Katz pastrami sandwich, Paris? Never mind, they don’t do “Send a salami to your girl in solitary lockup”.

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