DIY Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich? ‘Dem Pinko Communists and Anti-Amerikun bastards, I say.

Certainly I like a good Flying Saucer or even one of those rectangular-shaped, el cheapo 10 to a box artificial ice cream jobbies you get in the freezer section at the supermarket that leave the tip of your fingers with chocolate cookie streaks. But even more so, I like the kind made with good ice cream and good cookies.

First, you’ll want to bake a dozen or so of your favorite cookies. These are chocolate and mint chocolate chip cookies, but any of your favorite flavor is fine. The key is to freshly bake them and let them cool for about 30-60 minutes, but they should still be pliable.

Who doesn’t like Ice Cream sandwiches? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

While the cookies are cooling off, put your favorite flavor of premium ice cream in the fridge to soften.

Get out your 1 cup and your half cup measuring cups.

Press a cookie to the bottom of the 1 cup measure.

Fill with a scoop or so of ice cream.

Press down with the half cup measure to compact the ice cream.

Place another cookie on top and compact with the half cup measure.

Fully compacted sandwich.

You should be able to pop the sandwich out of the measuring cup easily by shaking it out, and/or by loosening it around the edges of the interior of the cup with a butter knife. Place sandwiches onto baking sheet and place onto rack in the freezer covered with aluminum foil. After sandwiches have hardened, place into freezer bags for longer term storage.

A trio of ice cream sandwiches — ginger snap with vanilla, vanilla oatmeal, and chocolate/mint chip with mint chip ice cream.

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  1. missjava says:

    looks nice i like it

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