The Return of Fat Squirrel

Just when I thought he had left us for good, years later he returns with a vengeance — and lean and mean to boot. Here’s a photo of him absconding with an apple from the fruit basket in our kitchen. Note to self: Keep screen door to kitchen closed.

I’d like to show you what this guy looked like when he was in his gluttonous, pre-Nutrisystem glory, but a certain website seems to have erased any trace of his existence, perhaps as part of an overall policy of destroying anything fun from its institutional history, particularly if it originated from Yours Truly. Fortunately WebCrawler has preserved some of the thumbnails, but they don’t do him justice.

2 Responses to The Return of Fat Squirrel

  1. Raindog says:

    Much like your squirrel, egullet is but a shadow of what it was. Still as pompous as ever, though, it sure hasn’t lost any of that.

  2. Sammy says:


    We used to grow cherry tomatoes in a container on our deck. Unfortunately, a nearby family of chipmunks decided that they were even tastier than we thought they were, and made off with them regularly.

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