NJ Dining: Giant Farmers Market

Giant Farmers Market
324 Main St, Hackensack, NJ
(201) 498-0010

While I love going into Union City and the Bronx to shop for ethnic ingredients and produce, sometimes I just don’t want to schlep more than 15 minutes away from home to get what I need for an improvised home cooked meal, especially if its during the work week. One of my favorite local shopping haunts that has essentially everything you need in terms of great produce and fresh meats and ethnic ingredients is Giant Market in Hackensack. Its also situated very close to Costco,  Pollos Mario, Wondee’sWhite Manna, and the Little Ferry branch of Han ah Reum, making it a great side destination if you’re interested in checking out any of those other places.

Giant market has a huge parking lot and is quite easy to get to from most parts of Northern Bergen County.

The Giant Market awaits. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Need to plant herbs and veggies for your garden? Giant Market has everything you need right out front.

Giant Market has everything you need in a produce store, butcher shop, fish market, and ethnic grocery store.

Peppers and chiles abound.

Giant has all the tropical fruits you need to make a kickass fruit salad.

Giant has one of the most comprehensive Goya and Latino dry and canned goods sections that I have seen at any market in the Bergen County area.

Tons of other Caribbean stuff too, including a huge variety of hot sauces and staples from Jamaica.

The fish section is clean and the prices are excellent.

The poultry section blows away virtually every supermarket in the area — these are fresh birds that are cut up and packaged in virtually evey way possible. Need just small packages of breasts, thighs, wings or drumsticks? No problem.

And for those of you into the weird parts of the animal, they got all those too.

Like chicken feet.

The pre-packaged meat cuts here are great, and are always nice and fresh.

The butcher counter has complete primals of meat in case the pre-cut stuff doesn’t fit your needs.

Dig the meat plans. I like how oxtails are part of practically every one. They make a great component to add to a beef stock.

The poultry counter.

Here I have them cutting up a whole chicken for me for dinner.

3 Responses to NJ Dining: Giant Farmers Market

  1. double 0 says:

    This place is great. My only reservation is the fish section, everything is cut up. Anouther good thing is that it is near Han a Rhuem.

  2. Yeah I totally forgot it was near the Little Ferry Han Ah Reum. Good call.

  3. jpr54_ says:

    do not have any reservations about the fish being cut up-the fish monger is knowledgeable and friendly-

    i enjoy shopping here when i go to student clinic academy of massage therapy

    joanne r. aka jpr54_

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