NYC: Solve the Mystery of the Duck Butt

On a recent Korean Fried Chicken fact finding mission in Queens, Lurie and I noticed this curious storefront on the corner of Northern Boulevard and Crocheron Avenue in Flushing.

I haven’t been able to determine whether this is an establishment that actually serves food, or if its some sort of weird Korean bar or club. Do Koreans like to eat the rear ends of Ducks? I dunno. I love the huge clown head ballon turned around in order to simulate the appearance of duck ass.

More with the booty theme.

2 Responses to NYC: Solve the Mystery of the Duck Butt

  1. anon says:

    It’s a bar/”hof”, a bit like an izakaya but Korean style. Rather like Baden-Baden NY but more Korean, with more Korean-style “anju”. The name “duck butt” is just something that sounds cute in Korean but not as cute in English.

  2. Greco says:

    DUCK BUTT is a korean bar.

    -cheap but delicious bar food/appetizers..

    -lots of beer and korean vodka (called SOJU)

    -check it out…

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