NJ Dining: Cinco De Mayo at La Batalla

Today was Cinco De Mayo, and naturally during lunchtime we ventured out to see what our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Batalla in Bergenfield was doing for the celebration.

Socorro “Soco” Huerta, The Mexican Goddess of Mole. Until recently, I was only able to get Soco’s mole on Christmas and other major holidays. Now that she’s working at La Batalla with her husband Santiago full time, I can get it every day of the week!

Mexican Coca-Cola and a Batido de Mango (Shake)

A Torta Ahogada (“Drowned Sandwich”) a specialty sandwich from the Mexican state of Guadalajara. This sandwich, ordered with chicken or pork and filled with beans, cheese and avocado, is drowned in a Red Mole hot chile sauce made with “chile de árbol” chilies, vinegar, garlic and oregano.

The specialty of the day, made just for Cinco de Mayo — black bean Tamales with Chicken Mole Poblano.

Tamale, opened, with mole on top.

This is a deep-fried Chicharron (pork skin).

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