NYC Food Event Recap: Spring Taste of Chinatown 2007

Saturday the 21st was the Spring Taste of Chinatown 2007 — and as usual, it was packed with people and lots of tasty $1 and $2 small plates, making Chinatown a gigantic dim sum parlor. Here’s a few highlights of the things that we saw and ate at the event.

Ready for some highlights of Spring Taste of Chinatown? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Ten Ren had Sago Drinks…

And plum iced tea, which was very refreshing.

Chinese Barbie Clones. 3 for 5 dollar!

Singaporean-style Pad Thai

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Be sure to have your money out!

A firm pressed tofu salad flavored with soy sauce and sesame oil.

A mixed bag of dim sum.

Mei Fun noodles with Shrimp and Fish Cake.

A selection of noodles and stir fry dishes at Ping’s Seafood Restaurant.

Fried Shrimp on a Stick

This is a saiten dish which we didn’t get.


Vegetarian Lamb Kebabs

Veggie Lamb Kebab Close-up

Nom Wah Tea Parlor had lots of stuff for sale.

Zongzi, pandan leaves stuffed with sticky rice and meat

Steamed buns with Char Siu (Roast Pork)

Steam Bun closeup.

Mickey D’s

I’m not sure why I photographed it, but it looked cool.

This guy was on Bowery making little donut things.

The view down Bayard street.

15 Responses to NYC Food Event Recap: Spring Taste of Chinatown 2007

  1. Luther says:

    Not quite little donut things… gai dan zai, little “chicken egg things.” Better than donuts!

  2. NancyH says:

    Photos like these make me homesick for New York City. And hungry.

  3. ohcloudyworld says:

    It’s times like these that makes me really miss NYC. I’m surprised there aren’t any pictures of bubble tea!

  4. Looks like it was a blast…. where are the stinky tofu pics?

  5. Ah, no stinky tofu.

  6. Cloudy: The sago drink by Ten Ren (second photo) is bubble tea… see the black bubbles at the bottom of the drink

  7. Meg says:

    Ooooh, I’m sorry I missed it! I was home, nursing my cold, dreaming of Taste of Chinatown…did you try those little donuts? They look like the Chinese version of Belgian waffles.

  8. I’ve had them on previous visits to Chinatown… they do taste like Belgian waffles, but bite sized!

  9. MJP says:

    Man, I was disappointed; the Shanghai place on Mott and Bayard wasn’t doing the soup dumplings. NOBODY was doing the soup dumplings. D:

    We’d brought my girlfriend’s sister and her friend hoping to introduce them, but alas, maybe when they do it again in the fall.

  10. Yeah but dude, couldn’t you just get soup dumplings in the restaurants like I did? :)

  11. Pan says:

    That festival looked like fun! Too bad I work Saturdays and can never go, but I’m glad to live downtown, so that Chinatown is my back yard. Was it always clear which establishment everything was from? Also, I’ve never heard of Singaporean-style pad thai. I thought that was only Thai style. How is Singaporean style different?

  12. Peg Rumsey says:

    We go every time.Your photos make me so hungry. Might have to shoot down there this weekend for some dim Sum.

  13. NYCcutie says:

    The vietnamese food was great on Doyers st but the damn line is too long i love the papaya salad there and pork chops.

  14. Bobby Flavor says:

    I agree with you the food on doyers street was awesome but the over crowded people was annoying. Try the bubble tea there? It was really good and also the shrimp summer rolls.

  15. MrEarlyGold says:

    The Vietnamese food on Doyers was just great! We also stood on what seemed to be the worlds longest Peking Duck line. Well worth the wait, and heck why miss NYC? We flew up from Southwest Floriduh for this:)

    Y’all at PCGS forums should get together at the Taste of Chinatown this autumn!

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