Foodie Easter Eggs

Using the power of Flickr and Dumpr, I give you… Foodie Easter Eggs.

5 Responses to Foodie Easter Eggs

  1. daisy says:

    dood! those are the SHIZZLE!!!i SO need a tutorial from you! *bats eyes*

  2. Melissa says:


    This has been such a HUGE success, their server can’t manage the volume of requests and you get an error message almost every attempt you make …

    Give it some time and then try it out .. it is very user friendly and guides you to make the egg of your choice …

  3. Julie says:

    Those are incredible, nice job.

  4. John Joon says:

    The eggs have been drawn with a nice picture. I have seen these before over at a few places. Nice! I also saw pictures been darwn inside the bottles. I knew the artists used special pen to do that but that cannot be done without a very stable hand and mind. It needs great patience too.

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