NYC Dining: The Amazing Dominican Fruit Shake Guy in Da Bronx

Dominican Fruit Dude
Location: On Webster Ave between Alden Pl. and 178th Street

If you’re heading into Belmont to do some shopping on Arthur Avenue, make sure you take a pit stop on the way home. Known only as “Dominican Fruit Guy”, who apparently only speaks a little bit of English, he runs a fruit stand on the southbound side of Webster Ave across the street from Western Beef.

Besides having all kinds of beautifully ripe tropical fruits for sale, either in their raw form or in fruit salads that he’ll cut for you fresh right there, and fresh juices (including sugar cane juice) he’ll make you the most incredible Batido, or fruit shake. You can get it with milk (default) or without — it’s a combination of Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya and Fresh Squeezed orange juice, and other things I can’t identify because he goes into his white van to blend it all up. Just ask for “Un Batido Con Todo”“Sin Leche” (if you want it without Milk) and how big you want it (“Grande” is enough for two people, probably three, its 48 ounce Big Gulp sized, “Regular” is probably just right for one person.)

The Batido Con Todo, Grande-Sized.

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