Snack of the Week: British Crisps

Snack At A Glance (SNAAG)

Product Name: Various

Manufacturer: Various, including United Biscuits (McCoy’s) and Walker’s (Big Ears)

Genre: Traditional pub and British flavored potato chips

Year of Introduction: Various

Nutritional Data: Various

Primary Seasonings: Various

What can I say other than the fact that these are some of the best tasting, best seasoned potato chips I have ever come across — and I hope these end up on our side of the pond sometime really soon. Both the Walkers “Big Ears” and United Biscuit’s “Mccoy’s” brand of chips are excellent and all the flavors I have tried are uniquely British,  are a great accompaniment to sandwiches and other lunch foods, and are fine on their own with a nice English beer.  I’m not sure all of the flavors I have found would be huge hits here, like the Pickled Onion or Prawn Cocktail (which I liked, a lot — it tasted like horseradish cocktail sauce) or Marmite but the US chip manufacturers could definitely take a page from the British, particularly with the basic cheese and onion, bacon and “Steak” flavors (essentially a strong beef bouillion, which managed to still taste steaky without too much MSG).

6 Responses to Snack of the Week: British Crisps

  1. Jon says:

    Oven Roasted Chicken Chips? OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN CHIPS?

    That’s odd, even compared to Korean chips.

  2. Doug says:

    I just did a little investigating. Turns out Walker’s crisps is also owned by PepsiCo (the same people who own Frito-Lay). Selling these chips ‘on our side of the pond’ might be a practical move for the company….unless they further dilute the already crowded snack market.

  3. avisualperson says:

    the sensations are really good, but the oven roasted chicken one is bad. tastes exactly like chicken.
    the better ones are the aged chedddar with red onion chutney; surprisinly delicious! and, the morrocan lamb flavor tastes EXACTLY like a morrocan lamb dinner. not good.

  4. Liz says:

    Jason – You can get Walker’s ( my favorite) crisps at a little British market in the West Village in NYC called Myer’s of Keswick. Prawn Cocktail is one of my favorites as well as the Cheese & Onion and the Salt & Vinegar is amazing. The steak & onion tastes a little too much like steak fat for one me, but have to give big props for the authentiity.

  5. Matt says:

    I used to live near the Walkers factory (it’s in Leicester). They have one of the largest fryers in the world, and you could generally tell what flavour they were cooking when you went past. The meat (beef, chicken, bacon) flavours smelled the worst, prawn cocktail smelled strongest.

    (PS “Big Ears” is just a charity promotion. They’re making fun of Gary Lineker, a famous England/Leicester ex-footballer, who does all their TV ads.)

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