Euston Station, Cornish Pasties and British… Bagels.

On Tuesday afternoon we cut loose and headed to Milton Keynes (that’s pronounced KEENS) a large suburban town about an hour’s train ride from London.

In order to get to Milton Keynes, you need to go to Euston Station, to take the Virgin Trains northbound line which terminates at Birmingham. Unlike major US cities like New York, where you have maybe 2 major rail terminals (Grand Central and Penn Station, which are connected by a shuttle subway line) London has a lot of different rail terminals that do not for the most part connect with each other. This is is a throwback to the Victorian Age where there were many terminals run by different companies that competed with each other. They did eventually consolidate somewhat, and Network Rail runs a lot of them (10 of which are in London!) but the British rail system can still be confusing.

Euston was the first inter-city railway station to be built in London,  although little of the original station remains. The public outcry surrounding the demolition of the original Victorian terminal and its replacement with the modern structure that stands today is often compared with the public reaction surrounding the demolition of the Gilded Age-style Penn Station in NYC which similarly was demolished in the 1950-1960’s to make way for the Penn Station that sits below Madison Square Garden. It is ironic that NYC Grand Central Station’s preservation can be owed to legislation enacted as a result of the lessons learned by what happened to the two historic terminals.

South Park ad on a double decker. Kickass!

A particularly cool paint job on a London black cab.

Euston Station and pasties await. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Euston Station main terminal concourse

Pasty Shoppe #1

Exhibit #1. Cornish Pasties, a traditional handheld baked pie that originates from Cornwall. They come in a number of savory flavors. I opted for a Beef and Stilton Cheese.

Cornish pasty #1.

Cornish pasty #1 interior cross section.

I washed it down with a British Coke, which I will add is superior to the American version because it is made with real sugar. In the US, we can only get real Coke a few weeks a year during the Passover season, which is coming up real soon.

There is also a pasty shoppe in the courtyard area outside of Euston Station. It sits between a Krispy Kreme concession (!!!), a Starbucks stand (gah!) and a Bagel (???) shop.

Fourteen pounds ($28!!!) for two dozen donuts? You call that a deal?

Pasty Shoppe #2.

This place had a slightly different selection of pasty flavors. I went with the Lamb and Mint one.

Pasty #2

Pasty #2 interior view.

I needed to see this heresy for myself.




After the delicious pasties and the traumatic bagel store, we headed down to the tracks to catch our train.

One of the older style trains.

High speed commuter trains pulling into the station.

Zipping along the English countryside at 120MPH.

The train is tight, but the seats are comfy.

Whoosh! Now this is what I call rail travel.

6 Responses to Euston Station, Cornish Pasties and British… Bagels.

  1. MJP says:

    So what’s the difference between a bagel “out” and a bagel “in?” Disgust at the concept aside, how did they taste?

  2. I refused to eat them. I photographed them, and they asked me what for.

    I said “To show my fellow New Yorkers how you are raping and pillaging our beloved bagel.”

    “So, you don’t want one?”


    “Would you like some of our nice to-mah-to soup?”

    “No, I just had two pasties”.

  3. Jon says:

    I love me Coke with Vegetable Extracts!

    Yeah, I know its just as true of the U.S. Coke probably, but that language would never be used on U.S. bottling.

    Also, I love the “Energy” rating on it. Snicker.

    I wonder… are the Krispy Kremes even close to authentic? Obviously they can’t be the hot ones (even in most parts of the U.S. that’s rare) but are they the original formula?

    To be fair, plenty of U.S. “bagel stores” these days have crap like that piled on Bagels too. Even your beloved Ess-A-Bagel, I think, has bagels with Chicken breasts or some other kind of meat piled on it, if I recall correctly.

    All hail Pasties!

  4. Ben says:

    Hey I’m going to New York next week for the first time where can I get the best bagel?
    If you go to harrods in London you can get hot Krispy Kremes!

  5. Sandy says:

    The best bagels in NYC, in my opinion, are at Murray’s Bagels, on Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) near W. 13th Street. These are made the traditional way and taste it, although they are bigger than bagels used to be. Today’s mini bagel is ony slightly smaller than a traditional bagel, which can no longer be found.

  6. I am about to make pasty’s for some friends form your great country and would love to have the bags to serve them in. Pleas advise as to how I could obtain the bags as shown in your photographs.

    I traveled through the southern part of your country years ago and was introduced to the pastry. I was on the web looking for a recipe to make a few for a gathering of friends.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

    Kip Allen
    PO Box 444
    Edinboro, Pa 16412 USA

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