Proper Tea

I’ve been going native and drinking quite a bit of tea since I’ve arrived in the UK, forgoing my usual cappuccino or French Press in favor of the strongly brewed traditional English Breakfast. Still, I didn’t have it the “Proper” way in England until this morning, with the nice teapot, cubed sugar and biscuit accompaniments, although I had a very nice Gilded Age version in Florida at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach.

The above is the Tea service at the Grange Holborn Hotel on Southampton Row. At £2.75 ($5.50) its a bit expensive (not unlike everything else at the current exchange rate of $2 to the British Pound) but I think the civility and the nice presentation is quite worth it.

2 Responses to Proper Tea

  1. Doug says:

    milk or with lemon?

  2. Neither, actually.

    I don’t like my tea with milk, as I really like to taste the flavor of the strong tea itself and I am somewhat dairy intolerant. As to the lemon, that appears to be an American variant, as I’ve never seen lemon offered with British tea service. I’ve seen British teas infused with lemon, including different types of herbals and tissanes, but not fresh lemon squeezed into tea. I’ve even asked for fresh lemon a few times only to be looked at like I was some sort of space alien.

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