Chinese Now Snacking On Space Spuds

Photo: A Purple Orchid potato, similar to the type that is being highly coveted in China.

Entrepreneurs in Shanghai are pushing the city’s latest food fad for Valentine’s Day – a purple potato grown from seeds taken on a space mission.

The sweet potato seeds were part of experiments on China’s second manned space mission, Shenzhou VI, last year.

The potatoes were then grown on the beaches of southern Hainan Island.

Supporters say space-grown produce can be more nutritious and hardier, though sceptics say similar results can be obtained in Earth-bound laboratories.

A Shanghai food and drink association invited 30 local chefs to try out a variety of recipes for the Purple Orchid III potato.

They included salads, appetizers, desserts and even an iced drink, the China Daily newspaper reported.

BBC News: Lift-off for Chinese Space Potato

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