The Cars of Cuba

Yahoo has a really cool audio/video phototour of some of Cuba’s most interesting vintage American cars this week. I can’t wait until Americans can freely visit that country.

NPR also has an interesting podcast from 2002 that talks about these cars and the people behind them in a bit more detial.

3 Responses to The Cars of Cuba

  1. Hans Kobelt says:

    Ther’s a great show on PBS that follows one vintage car owner all over Havana!

  2. Randi says:

    You can go to Cuba if you really want, you just can’t fly out of the United States. There are lots of flights from Ontario if you’re really interested. So many Canadians visit the resorts during the frigid winter.

  3. Americans cannot go to Cuba unless under very, very special means, it requires going thru the UN.

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