NJ Dining: Walt Street Pub

Walt Street Pub
180 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ
(732) 741-5936

Red Bank, down by the shore, has become one of the hottest spots in the state for restaurants — and with all that tourist activity comes prices to match. Sometimes though, you don’t want to spend $40 a plate on dinner, and what you really want is a nice burger and a beer.

Walt Street Pub, in downtown Red Bank would seem to be a nice refuge from the overpriced seafood/pub-ish places that dominate the town. If it’s a nice big juicy burger you want, cooked properly to medium rare, with a nice tall chilled glass of Guinness to go along with it, and a healthy dose of rock and roll coming out off the jukebox, this is definitely your place. The burger is 10 ounces, and for around $7 with fries, it’s probably the best deal in town. While we didn’t try them, the wings are also proportedly quite good as well, according to the regulars.

Walt Street is not a place to go for a quiet, intimate dinner with your wife. It’s got a raucous, loud roadhouse sports bar atmosphere (with NASCAR paraphenalia hanging from just about every spot on the ceiling) with blaring rock and roll music, filled with tons of people half your age. But for a good pub-style burger and a beer at a reasonable price, it can’t be beat. Sometimes, the jukebox even plays rock music you can recognize. “Thank God for AC/DC!” I remember myself saying after the first 30 minutes listening to uh, something loud with indistinguishable lyrics.

The Walt Street Burger, with Bacon and Bleu Cheese.

Classic Cheeseburger

Walt Street Burger Closeup

A correctly cooked big burger is a beautiful thing.

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  1. spamwise says:

    Mmmm, burger porn. :)

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