NJ Dining: China 46 (CLOSED)

9/10/2007: Cecil Wang has decided to close China 46 due to vacating his lease early.  Let’s hope he opens up a new restaurant soon.

China 46
88 Route 46 W, Ridgefield, NJ
(201) 313-0088

In a previous post about Dim Sum in Bergen County I touched upon the dumpling wonders at China 46, my favorite Chinese restaurant in the entire NYC/NJ area. But China 46 isn’t just about the dumplings, it’s range of food encompasses all sorts of Shanghainese, Sichuan and Hong-Kong style dishes, and when you compare the place to the most lauded Chinese restaurants in New York, it easily matches them in quality and is an utter bargain by comparison.

If you’re part of that tribe of people that finds themselves eating Chinese food on Christmas Day this year, I urge you to go check out this restaurant.

Here’s a collection of dishes I’ve had on various visits to the restaurant that I know you will enjoy:

Main Dining Room

The specials board, which always changes and has the freshest and best stuff on it. Be sure you comb over this and consult Cecil, the owner, before ordering anything from the menu during your visit.

I know where I’m going for Chinese food this Christmas, how about you? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken

Eggplant/Pork with Garlic Sauce in Casserole

Wonton Soup

Jiaozi Dumplings

Spicy Capsicum Noodle

Crispy Beef

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Soupy Shrimp Balls

Sichuan Duckling

Pork Pan Fried Noodle

Spicy Capsicum Chicken (Cold Dish)

Shanghai Casserole with Egg Dumplings

Shanghai Shrimp with Rice Cakes

Sizzling Wou-Ba

Dong Poo Pork

Sauteed Shanghai Bokchoy and Fresh Shitakke Mushrooms

Stuffed Chicken with Sticky Rice

Sauteed Rice Cakes with Pork and Fresh Bamboo Shoots

Exotic Greens with Pork and Tofu Soup

Tofu Skin Wrapped Deep Fried Flounder

Peking Duck

18 Responses to NJ Dining: China 46 (CLOSED)

  1. hank says:

    We love China 46 and go often. The one thing we really hate is the specials board and we discussed this with Cecil numerous times. Very few people stop to read the specials and even if they do by the time they are seated and ready to order they don’t have a clue. We think that if he were to type out the specials and attach them to the regular menu he just might sell quite a bit more from this otherwise very silly board. Some of it is not even legible. Cecil and his wife absolutely agree with us but so far (a year for sure) he has done nothing about it and as everyone knows who frequents this restaurant they can use all the help possible. It is almost always quite empty, even on a Saturday night. Every time we go we are afraid that we will see a “closed” sign. If enough regulars would complain he may just possibly do sopmething about the board.

  2. Jason says:


    Ever try “Look See” in Mahwah/Ramsey, NJ? Very good, “old school” Chinese place for the usual dishes.


  3. Hank, I actually think his business is picking up, but I hear you. It would definitely improve the dining experience of a lot of folks if that specials board were easier to read or if there were printouts.

  4. Jason:

    I have been to Look See.. and yes, its a very good restauant. I dont get up to Mahwah that often, though. A few years ago I did a long consulting stint at SHARP and ate at Look See at least once a week.

  5. daniel says:

    this place is awesome. love the s ‘n p shrimps. This place is not better than the panda on 46 in Fairfield, though. It is also Shangai style but even more authentic and just flat out better.

  6. I haven’t been to Panda and haven’t heard of it. I find it hard to beleive that its “more” authentic than China 46 though. :)

    Are you sure you aren’t talking about Hunan Cottage? Their sign has a picture of a panda on it and they are in Fairfield.

    Its a solid Shanghainese restaurant, I’d say they do some things as good as C46, but they aren’t better. I’d probably eat there all the time if I lived closer to it.

  7. jonathantu says:

    If you like spicy salty shrimp, you should try it with silver dollar scallops. Request fried leeks, garlic and chili peppers if possible.

  8. Adam says:

    China 46’s salt & pepper dishes are amazing. My two favorite salt & pepper dishes are the pork chops and the soft-shelled crab. I’ve also had some great renditions with chicken, beef and even lobster tails.

  9. bruce andrewws says:

    My family has gone to Cecil’s restaurant for many, many years…..probably on average a few times per month. We love his food especially the ruby pork, juicy pork buns and turnip buns. The service is consistently clumsy but who cares!? Cecil and his wife are great and we love byob policy as well. Again, one of the best asian restaurnts in the NY area — easy.

  10. […] the way, we’ll be eating at China 46 in Ridgefield Park tonight. If anyone would like to join our party this evening, send an email to […]

  11. tracey says:

    Jason…are they really gone?

  12. I’m trying to find out. I hope not.

  13. Yep. It’s gone. See note at the top of the post.

  14. […] abrupt permanent closure of my favorite Shanghainese-style Chinese restaurant, China 46 in Ridgefield Park, forced me into seeking out alternatives for Xiǎolóngbāo, the elusive “Soup […]

  15. my family love china 46. we are VERY disappointed that it has closed. does anybody know where cecil and connie wang will reopen?

  16. […] as it is with my favorite Chinese restaurant, China 46, which closed down in September of 2007. I haven’t taken this loss particularly well, as […]

  17. Jill Ting says:

    Does anybody know where Cecil and Connie Wang have opened a new restaurant. Someone told me in Chinatown but not sure if that’s true or if they opened in chinatown in NY or in Flushing, NY. Anyone know?
    Jill Ting

  18. […] Soochow has become by go-to Shanghainese restaurant ever since my favorite, China 46 in Ridgefield closed in September of […]

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