Serious Eats

For a while, I’ve been wondering who might be the first to put together sort of a Reader’s Digest of the foodblog-verse. This was an idea that I kicked around back during my days at eGullet, but we never successfully got off the ground. There are a number of sites that are sort of doing this already, but don’t have the complete picture of the universe yet — you still kind of need all of them. Digesty gives you sort of an RSS quick view by major metropolitan region, and Foodcandy is kind of a Friendster or Myspace for floodbloggers with some aggregation features built-in.

Now we’ve got Serious Eats, founded by notable food writer Ed Levine, and backed by his merry band of foodbloggers Adam Kuban (Slice and A Hamburger Today), Meg Hourihan (Megnut), Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet) and Alaina Browne (A Full Belly) which gives you a nice, cherry-picked editorial snapshot of what’s interesting on food blogs throughout the web. It’s also got exclusive videos with folks like Jeffrey Steingarten and Lolis Elie as well as a food discussion area.

This week, they’re running a reprint of my Latke-vision piece. Why not head over and have a look at their other great content?

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