Quickies and Leftovers 12-08-06

Updates to Greek Village Taverna (Dinner Items) and Pollos Mario (Colombian Breakfast)

Leftover Florida photos:

Cohiba Wrap (a la Cuban Sandwich with BBQ Pork) and Shrimp Po Boy from Hobo Gourmet Kitchen in West Palm Beach (a cute locals diner joint, highly reccomended)

Here’s some leftover breakfast porn:

Poached Eggs over whole wheat toast, Home Fries, Country Sausage and Gravy with and Tomato with Fresh Florida ruby red grapefruit a la Florida Condo

Crab Omelette with Avocado, Pan Fried Bratwurst, Home Fries, Louisiana Satsumas and White Toast (Freshly Baked)

One Response to Quickies and Leftovers 12-08-06

  1. *Gasp!!* That breakfast will set you for the day!! Amazing!!

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