Florida Dining: Little Moir’s FOOD SHACK

Food Shack
103 S US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL
(561) 741-3626

For the most part, the Palm Beach County area is not a foodie-friendly destination. Sure, you can get some good seafood, and there is some decent ethnic eats to be found if you look hard enough, but primarily the popular vacation spot is devoid of restaurants that are doing things that are “interesting” from a culinary standpoint. One such exception to this sort of homogenized restaurant atmosphere is Little Moir’s Food Shack, on US 1 in Jupiter.

For a little restaurant in an ugly strip mall that has such an unpretentious and lowbrow name, FOOD SHACK is probably producing the best pan-ethnic casual dining cuisine in the entire Palm Beach county area. And while it took us a bit of prodding of local resources to find out about the place, it’s not exactly what you would call a secret — the place is consistently packed requiring half an hour to hour waits for a dinner table every night, it has “Outstanding” ratings from the ZAGAT survey and the restaurant has been profiled in the New York Times as well as the Boston Globe and Southern Living Magazine.

The restaurant’s chef and owner, Mike Moir, hails originally from Toronto, Canada, and has travelled across Asia and has been exposed to many international cuisines. He’s assembled a kitchen team from Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Italy, Greece, Mexico and Guatemala, all who contribute to the restaurant’s cuisine, resulting in an eclectic menu that looks like it’s completely all over the map. The result is absolutely delicious. Additionally, the restaurant is one of the prime consumers of fresh vegetables and fruit in the entire area — Chef Mike bragged to me that his daily produce bill is over $600. That number doesn’t surprise me, considering the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables the restaurant uses in every dish. You’re definitely going to get your veggies if you come here for dinner.

The waits outside the Food Shack can be long, sometimes up to an hour. But don’t worry — go inside for a minute, put your name on the list, and grab one of the 25 types of beers available and mingle outside.

This is what the restaurant looks like every night of the week.

This is the specials menu, which changes very frequently. There’s also a regular menu that’s pretty comprehensive as well.

Wanna head on over to the FOOD SHACK? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.

The kitchen is completely open and you can watch the magic from a bar stool.

Chef/Owner Mike Moir

Chef Tim, another valuable member of the crew.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Turkey, one of the daily specials.

Deep Fried Oysters over Greens, Fruit and Gorganzola Cheese.

Pineapple Shrimp Fritter with Peppers, Onions and Herbs over Mango/Pineapple Salad

The “Shack Bowl”, one of the regular menu items. This is a huge bowl of Thai/Vietnamese-style coconut noodle soup with Gulf Shrimp and dry day boat scallops.

Thai Sriracha Sauce, for spiking your soup.

Corvina fish, with Yuca/Garlic crust

Wahoo fish with sweet potato crust over greens and fruit

A side order of sweet plantains (maduros)

Raspberry Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Mash dessert, like a chocolate mousse in a rocky road style with fruit.

We liked the restaurant so much we went the next day for lunch.

Corn and Shrimp chowder, one of the daily special soups.

Fried Tuna and Basil Roll, with Wasabi dipping sauce

Food Shack’s burger, big enough to split.

Coconut Shrimp

15 Responses to Florida Dining: Little Moir’s FOOD SHACK

  1. Karen says:

    Had the pleasure of dining at this wonderful restaurant just last week and will definitely return on our next trip South in March.

    If ever in the area, place the Food Shack on the top of the list for incredible eats!

    P.S. Thanks to Billy @ the Crazy Cuban for the recommendation ~

  2. Ian Moir - Michael's Big Brother! says:

    Hard to believe he what a picky eater he was as a kid!

    I know how hard he has worked for this… All praise has been well earned!


    PS – I still can’t call him Mike… He’ll alway be Michael to me!

  3. Lauren Moir - My Uncle:) says:

    WOW UNCLE MICHAEL….very nice…..I hope someday mom and dad will take me down to see you and everything…:)

    Miss you lots

  4. Jen Seebeck - Niece/Shack Diner says:

    I got to dine at Michael’s Food Shack when I was last in Florida – the only place that I (a vegetarian) have ever eaten fish and enjoyed it (guilty pleasure!). Don’t leave without trying the key lime…it’s to die for.

  5. Amy Mussay says:

    Luckily, last March we found out about this fabulous little restaurant. Amazing menu with a really fun and quaint ambiance. You would never know this from the outside. One step inside and you feel like you’re in a restaurant on a Carribean island. The food is delicious. We’ll be back in 3 weeks. Can’t wait.

  6. Carole Kravitz says:

    I work with Gillian and Ian, older sibling of Mike. I had to come to Florida for a wedding and was told about this awesome restraunt. Our party of 11 had the best time with the food that we received. Keylime pie and pumkin cheesecare, mm, mm. It was a record cold time that we were there but it beat Yellowknife, NWT, Canada’s -27 when we left. I would go back again for the fish was truly awesome. We ordered various items and shared amoung ourselves. Nobody was disappointed in there orders. Sad to say that Mike Moir was not working that day. Would have been great to meet you.

  7. Don Puleo says:

    What a place!!

    Good things are worth waiting for… the 45 – 60 minute wait (Saturday night) is actually fun. Sitting outside sharing a drink and a conversation with your date or another casual diner is a refreshing break from the whirlwind pace that we travel.

    Once you are seated pause for a minute and take in the food aromas. (If they could only bottle this) The food is absolutely delicious. The portions will fill you up. Mike’s mom must have always told him to eat his fruits and vegetables. He does a tasty job of making sure you get your fill.

    Kudos to the entire crew at Food Shack. You guys rock!!

  8. Caren says:

    Awesome,!My husband took me to this place a few weeks ago. I have lived in No. Palm Beach County forever and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. We will be back. Possible this evening. The Triple Tail with Sweet Potato crust to die for.

  9. Thanks for all the praise!! sorry I have taken soo long to respond. I will spread the praise to all my team. we really appreciate all your kind words. Ian Lauren and Jennifer my family!! I miss and love you guys and wish you could regulars at FOOD SHACK but don’t expect me to cook when I come home. If you enjoyed FOOD SHACK then check out LEFTOVERS CAFE coming in March 2008. I have been working extremely hard building tables and the service area as well as cooking at the Shack. I have formed a new team of great chefs for there and we are very excited to get the door open and cook more fun and fresh dishes for all .
    Thanks again for the praise it means a lot to me and my staff !!
    Michael Moir Chef / owner

  10. David Dodge says:

    I created and publish the Little Moirs FOOD SHACK Website LITTLEMOIRSFOODSHACK.COM.

    You have a great article with some nice food shots from the restaurant. I’d like your permission to use some of these images on the Food Shack Website, of course with proper credit. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


  11. Scott says:

    I was treated tp Leftovers ( same owner as Food Shack ) Monday and just tried Food Shack today. Both meals were awesome and i can’t wait to go back. Very reasonable prices for this quality of food.

  12. Sherry says:

    I Love Love Love this place. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever! (And I have traveled extensively!)I take all my clients here for lunch!! I try to eat at either Restaurant once a week!!! Love your Food Mike!!

  13. Christie says:

    I was in Florida from Missouri on a business trip. I make it a habit to try to find the best food, fish preferrably, best atmosphere and best service. I finally succeeded! You need to open a satelite restaurant in the heart of the Ozarks! They don’t know what fish is here, unless you salt and fry it. Have you entertained the idea of expanding beyond Florida??? Say, franchise?

  14. Dana says:

    Would buy in one second your Cookbook!!
    Does one exist?
    I am a professional artist on canvas and paper—you are an artist of Foods!

  15. cp says:

    I second the cookbook idea….would buy it in a heartbeat…have been eaten there appox. 8x in the last 3 months (this is quite the compliment…I live off PGA Blvd, where there are 91 [count ’em 91!] restaurants in a 3.5 mi stretch) and I’ve yet to have the same meal twice. Wifey loves the “something encrusted” fish. I am a fan of the broth based bowls. Love this place.

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