Florida Dining: Riggin’s Crabhouse

Riggin’s Crabhouse and Seafood
607 Ridge Rd
Lantana, FL 33462

(561) 586-3000

On our first night in the Palm Beach County area we decided that we wanted to return to an old reliable seafood restaurant and get a taste of the two major Florida food groups — Florida Stone Crabs and Key Lime Pie.

Riggin’s Crabhouse in Lantana is totally a locals joint — it’s not near any of the major tourist areas, it’s by the marinas and boat docks and marine repair facilities. So you can be assured that this place is for is a more discerning seafood crowd as opposed to vacationers and tourists. It’s also been in business since 1991 and has the endorsement of a number of sports teams, like the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Redskins that come down to eat when they practice during the off season.

Riggin’s Crabhouse, on Ridge Road

The smaller dining room is very much a locals type atmosphere, while the main dining room (not photographed) looks like your typical seafood restaurant with stuffed fish and knicknacks on the walls.

Ready for some hardcore Florida seafood? Click the “Read the rest of this entry link below.

Unlimited tumblers of fresh iced tea is the beverage of choice in the South.

A plate of large Florida Stone Crab claws.

Riggin’s is known for its Garlic Blue Crabs, which are marinated in a heavy garlic and oil mixture overnight, and are then steamed to order. It looks like we ordered an obscene amount of food that evening, but its a lot of work to get out a small amount of meat from the crabs.

A garlic crab, up close

The Fisherman’s Feast platter, which features a steamed blue crab on top of seafood linguini in a crab marinara sauce. I highly reccomend it.

The Fisherman’s Feast platter, crab removed.

Hush Puppies

The “Debris Field”

Warm Pecan Pie with ice cream.

Key Lime Pie. Riggin’s is excellent and has a fluffy, airy sort of texture.

4 Responses to Florida Dining: Riggin’s Crabhouse

  1. E. Nassar says:

    Those stone crab claws are phenomenal! My problem with other crustaceans (like blue crab) can be summmed up by your comment up there though. They are just too much work to eat, very messy and yield very little meat I just do not think it is worth the effort. Same goes for crawfish BTW. I love both when they are cleaned and picked, but doing the work myself is not my cup of tea.

  2. michele says:

    The Garlic Crabs at Riggin’s are one of my most favorite dish in the world to eat. The trouble is I am only in FL 2X at most per year. I’d love to make these at home, but each time I try I can’t get close to Riggin’s. I just saw you wrote to marinate overnight, I’ll give that a try. If anyone has their specific recipe… pass it on.

  3. michele says:

    p.s. I realize this was an old post and might fall on deaf ears, but you never know.

  4. Tsha says:

    I lived in FL most of my life and was just down the street from Riggins….the all you can eat blue crabs were the best but they were best eaten at home. I found a place in Fort Myers that sells garlic blue crabs that OMG taste so much better….never thought I would say that. But they have a website….the restaurant is called Big Daddy Crabs next time ur in FL trust me give it a try.

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