NJ Dining: Boom Boom Chicken

Boom Boom Chicken
553 Main Street, Fort Lee NJ 07024

I’ve made it something of a mission to help spread awareness of Korean Food on this blog, but given the complexity and depth of the food culture, its hard to be able to show you everything I’d like. One aspect of Korean food culture is that like the Japanese, or even Americans, they have a great fondness for deep fried, fast food type stuff. But they take it very, very seriously.

I am a fiend for Wings. Certainly, American-style Buffalo Wings are a favorite, but when another culture offers up wings for the taking, I’m right on it. I had been recently been made aware of the existence of a Korean-Style takeout wing joint in Fort Lee, called Boom Boom Chicken. It’s on the ass end of Main Street, a somewhat devoid of life area, at the end of the road by the Route 46 overpass just before Fort Lee ends and Leonia begins.

The storefront on Main Street.

Basically, you got four choices of things you can order: An order of drumsticks, an order of wings, an order of mixed drumsticks and wings, or a whole chicken. Everything is deep fried. You also can get your choice of Garlic/Soy sauce or Sweet and Spicy sauce, or half and half.

We got a order of Wings, half and half. It should be noted that it takes about 20 minutes for them to cook your order, because nothing is frozen or left under heat lamps — its made from NEVER BEEN FROZEN fresh chicken. So I recommend you call in your order before you get there, or bring a magazine or newspaper while you wait.

It should be noted that I think these are probably the best wings I have had in the entire area — the garlic/soy glazed ones are fantastic, as are the spicy/sweet ones which have a serious Korean red pepper kick to them. I think to truly appreciate them, you have to eat them on premises, because of the fried foods deterioration factor, they probably don’t travel far.

Every order of wings comes with sweet radish kimchi, which is great for eating between wings and is great for cooling the palate.

28 Responses to NJ Dining: Boom Boom Chicken

  1. Jordan says:

    This place was Bon Chon Chicken for about 6 months before it became Boom Boom Chicken. I tried to order from Bon Chon on 3 occasions, but each time was told the wait was over an hour. I appreciate the “cooked fresh” concept, but that was a little ridiculous and I was too hungry to wait! 20-30 minutes sounds good to me and I’ll be trying this place soon. Thanks for writing it up!

  2. Those photographs show the wing drummette and look so incredibly crisp and juicy .. how I wish I lived in your area!
    Quick question for you: How do they make the sweet radish kimchi so that it is cooling? Most kimchi is extremely hot, if memory serves …

  3. Jon says:


    Kimchi is often mis-defined as “fermented chili peppers and vegetables” (in fact that phrasing is from the current Wikipedia entry for kimchi, but I know better).

    The fermentation part, I believe, is completely essential, but not the inclusion of chili peppers–although they are fairly ubiquitous in most versions which make their way to American mouths.

  4. dennisw says:

    Great name for a fried chicken joint!

  5. Polecat says:

    If you dig Korean fried chicken, you’ll want to check out the Murray Hill/Northern Boulevard scene in Queens. Gradually, more and more joints are peppering the landscape. One place I would recommend is Mani Mani, at 163-24 Northern Boulevard. Their glazed version, with its’ smokey flavor, is better than the unglazed, which tends to dry out quickly but is rescued by the hot sauce. You can order a heaping plate of half and half, glazed and unglazed. Salads and the sweet diced kimchee come complimentary. Although they serve lots of other menu items, order these at your own risk. The thing to get here is the bird.

    Thanks for your great posts. P.

  6. bob says:

    I don’t know who wrote up boom boom chicken, but I love you for it. Had their wings last night and I am still thinking about them. Thanks, bob

  7. SlothyMan says:

    If you have any ounce of love for fried chicken in your soul, you MUST pay homage to this maker of golen fried goodness…

  8. chris says:

    They just opened up a new Bon Chon Chicken in Fort Lee…it’s soo much better than Boom Boom. It takes only 20 minutes. It’s on Main Street also but it’s closer to the highschool…Right across from the Fire Station.

  9. chris says:

    Sorry, I meant it’s on Lemoine Ave.

  10. Chris, where did you find the link to this post, on Google? There was a big article in the NYT today about Korean Fried Chicken, but OTB wasn’t in it.

  11. Kathleen says:

    I found your site through google, after I read the Times article. I live in Maine and I’m coming home to Jersey (Morristown) Presidents’ weekend. I thought I might be able to find some Korean chicken without going all the way out to Queens, so I’m glad to find your site. Thanks for the tip.


    Thank you for watching with deep concern us. Our store is located at Main st. Fort Lee in NJ. if you have any questions contact us 201-592-9700. Thank you!

  13. Aram says:

    The best chicken ever. Go to BoomBoom and discover the new taste of chicken. It is the experience you will never regret and will ask for more and more!!!!!

  14. Jen says:

    Bon Chon Chicken. BEST CHICKEN EVER. I don’t like fried food but
    now I’m hooked on Bon Chon.

  15. […] NYT article on the subject back in 2005, and I profiled another Korean wing joint on this site, Boom Boom Chicken, only two months before the Moskin peice came out. Coinkydink? I don’t think […]

  16. Sena and Abby says:


    Overall TASTE and PRICING and QUALITY:



  17. Eric says:

    Tried the half & half wings today. They did not disappoint. The crispiness of the skin exceeded my expectations. Not sure what process they use (batter, etc.) they are using to get the skin so irresistably crisp but I like it ALOT. I prefer the garlic/soy flavor ever so slightly better than the sweet/spicy. Going to introduce my girlfriend Alma to these delictable creations tomorrow!

  18. shiffat says:

    how can i get the menu online?

  19. stacey says:

    boom boom chicken is delicious. definitely call ahead though, otherwise you will be waiting!!

  20. Calvin says:

    Best wings ever. got my co-workers to try and they love it …more than me!! it’s one of those places u want everyone to get a taste but don’t want anyone to know about it. And plus I think boom boom has better chicken than bon chon..even though everyone says bon chon is better. The chicken they use at bon chon is the darker meat and the bones were weird if u know wat i mean.

  21. danielle says:

    holy mother of god- had BOOM BOOM last night and it’s essentially the crack cocaine of fried chicken. i can’t stop thinking about the incredibly crispy skin and deliciously juicy insides; GO BOOM BOOM!

  22. r k says:

    I am a korean-american, so I know what’s good korean food and what’s bad fusion food.

    Boom Boom chicken definitely tastes better than Bon Chon chicken (which is a little soggier). Yes, it takes a while so calling ahead is necessary but definitely worth it. Manhattan’s Bon Chon chicken does not really compare with Boom Boom chicken. Getting wings is better than drumsticks since the wings contain the sweet and spicy flavor better. The sweet radish is a definite must have as well. Glad that non-Koreans are noticing this favorite fried chicken type that’s actually been around (though not in public) for a while.

  23. Aney says:

    theyve got that boom boom
    that you want


  24. young says:

    Boom Boom chicken is fatastic. i’m guarantee!!!!! 553 MAIN ST. FORT LEE, NJ 07024 / 201-592-9700.

  25. Alexis says:

    chicken chicken wang chicken wang wit a tang sweet n spicy it so yummy get ur chicken here :)

  26. ving says:

    Boom Boom Chicken is the BEST fried chicken i ever eat :)
    100% taste, i prefer Boom Boom than Bon Chon chicken

    Any one can share the Boom Boom chicken recipe??? pls email me vingleong@hotmail.com

    thanx a bunch~*

  27. Miyake says:

    I live by Fort Lee & I always get Bon Chon. I wanna try Boom Boom Chicken too & a friend told me they deliver.

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