NJ Dining: Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole
362 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ
(201) 871-7444

As my buddy Jon recently said, I am a burger slut. I like burgers of all shapes and sizes, and I like all kinds of toppings. One of the best places in Northern NJ where you can indulge in every topping you can possibly imagine is Jackson Hole in Englewood, a stylized ’50s diner that without question you won’t walk out hungry from, especially if its burgers that you’re seeking. The “Hole” also uses a unique method of cooking their burgers, which is to steam grill them using a custom-designed metal dome cover.

Jackson Hole originally started out in Manhattan in the early 1970’s, and branched out to Queens and other parts of NYC, but the NJ branch opened perhaps 10 years ago, maybe a little less.

Storefront on Grand Avenue

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link for some serious Jersey burger porn.

The griddle area. Notice the metal upside down cup things? Those are used to steam grill the burgers. They have a dome-like shape and it seals in the juices.

The walls of the back dining room are filled with all sorts of ’50s Americana.

Including this vintage Seeburg.

And this Ronnie Raygun advertisement for Van Heusen shirts.

Complimentary and unlimited supply of new pickles at every table.

Rachel ordered the grilled chicken salad, which comes in a large salad bowl. Everything about the portions at this place is jumbo sized.

Jackson Hole has its own brand of root beer, which is quite good. Note that the place prides itself on having “7 Oz” hamburgers. I don’t know about how big they are at the NYC locations, but I’m pretty sure in the case of the Jersey one, they left out a “1” in front of the 7.

The Western burger, which is AT LEAST 10 ounces (after cooking!) of beef, Monterey Jack cheese, barbecue sauce, fried onions, and bacon.

A closer look at the Western Burger.

Western Burger, ordered medium rare, fully assembled.

It’s basically impossible to eat these burgers fully assembled, you have to cut them in half, they are so huge.

6 Responses to NJ Dining: Jackson Hole

  1. TongoRad says:

    I used to live within walking distance of that JH and have had quite a few of those allegedly 7 oz. babies. Cutting them in half is definitely the way to go- a real veteran move on your part. Lots of crazy topping combinations, too- it almost seems like a waste of an opportunity to just get a plain cheeseburger. Sometimes they get a little lax on the steak fries but yours there look just perfect. To play it safe I have gotten in the habit of asking for them (the fries) to be well done.

  2. My boyfriend and I go to that JH for bfast all the time but recenytly stopped cos it’s not stellar. We should just let them do what they do best: burgers. We went to the JH in Murray Hill for burgers two weeks ago and they were exactly as I remember them from childhood. Really juciy and quite decent, I just wish they used organic meat.

  3. Looks like a fun place!

  4. Yada says:

    I’m hungry now!

  5. Jesse Post says:

    I first saw those silver dome thingies at Paul’s Place on 2nd Ave. and St. Marks in the East Village. I love those burgers but never knew what those things were. It’s all so clear now — thanks! Here’s to great burgers in the metro area . . .

  6. T Man says:

    The Hole is awesome. I used to work within a decent distance from the Hole, and it was a weekly trek me and my co-workers would make. Besides the awesome burgers, the Bronco chicken sandwiches are also great. Don’t forget the classic orange juice maker in the back, and the great root beer floats they make. It is now a very rare treat, but one that I thoroughly enjoy.

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