Goodbye, Robocar.

Photo: The futuristic Ford Taurus played the role of the OCP police cruiser in the violent and controversial 1987 Paul Verhoeven Sci-Fi movie “Robocop”, set in a dystopian near-future Detrioit. The Taurus was only just introduced when the movie began filming in 1985. Trivia: the main competitor of the Ford Taurus at the time was the Pontiac 6000, which is parodied by its movie counterpart, the “6000 SUX”.

DEARBORN, Mich. — Sometime next week, the assembly line at a Ford plant near Atlanta will come to a halt, signaling the end of a family sedan so revolutionary that its 1985 debut changed forever the way cars look, feel and drive.

Say goodbye to the Taurus.

After 21 years and sales of nearly 7 million cars, Ford Motor Co. is giving up on what some call the most influential automobile since Henry Ford’s Model T.

The Taurus is credited with moving America away from boxy V-8 powered gas-guzzling bedrooms-on-wheels to aerodynamic, more efficient cars with crisper handling.

End of the Road for Ford Taurus (Fox News)

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