NY Dining: Rye Grill and Bar

Rye Grill & Bar
1 Station Plaza, Rye, NY
(914) 967-0332

All too often you have a business lunch meeting and you end up at some Bar & Grill type place that is usually just some glorified (or actual) version of Bennigan’s, TGIF or Ruby Tuesday (the least evil choice of the three) where fried appetizers and soups from frozen bags from institutional suppliers like SYSCO are the norm. I don’t really have anything against these kinds of places, as I have been known to visit them when faced with less attractive options during business travel, but you never walk out of them thinking you’ve had a particularly good meal.

I was pleasantly surprised when my business associates chose to meet at Rye Grill & Bar in Rye, New York. The place exudes a nice colonial and classic tavern feel, and is clearly trying to do something different culinarily than just burgers (which apparently, are quite good) and beers on tap.

A view of the restaurant from the parking lot in Station Plaza. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Rye Metro North station.

A view of the dining room from the bar.

My associates and I decided to grab a seat by the bar.

A look at the lunch specials. My sources tell me that the restaurant’s pizza is quite good, but we didn’t order any that day.

Clam Chowder.

I had the vegetable barley soup, which I thought was really good.

This is a jumbo shrimp and avocado salad that one of my associates ordered. Certainly not your typical bar cuisine.

The bartender recommended the petit filet mignon sandwich with mushroom brandy sauce and melted brie, which is apparently one of their top sellers during lunch. Feeling in a particularly steaky mood, three of us decided to go that route. We were not disappointed. Nice medium rare filet, good french fries and excellent shoestring fried onions as well, I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be, if I ate two of these sandwiches.

Filet Mignon sandwich closeup.

One Response to NY Dining: Rye Grill and Bar

  1. The shrimp was really good and the bartender too very good care of us.

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