I Get Grilled on AHT

One of my favorite sites, A Hamburger Today, recently interviewed me about my personal hamburger-eating philosophy and habits.

AHT is run by Adam Kuban, who started another great food specialty blog, Slice, which is all about pizza. I really should have sent him a photo of me eating some burgers, but I look so intelligent and contemplative in this shot of me overlooking a “California” pineapple and Canadian bacon pie at Nellie’s Place in Waldwick.

6 Responses to I Get Grilled on AHT

  1. Adam K. says:

    GARGH! If I would have studied that photo closely and noticed it was a PINEAPPLE pie, I would have used another! ;)

    Just kidding. One of my guilty pleasures is pineapple-and-pepperoni pie. Shhh! Don’t tell the Slice readers!

  2. I actually found this interview made me rethink some of my ideas about hamburgers and will affect how I view them in the future … I particularly learned a lot about toppings and this insightful comment:

    “Kosher salt and black pepper are key, and I also like to put in a little bit of onion powder and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Don’t overwork the meat, just get the stuff incorporated. Don’t try to make the patties perfectly round and smooth, because the jagged irregularities actually improve the texture and overall taste experience. I love the little crispy pieces that sort of stick out.”

    Had never even thought out all of the ideas mentioned in this interview .. thanks, Jason!

  3. dennisw says:

    Mayo is disgusting on a burger but that’s just my taste. Swiss is my best cheese on on one. Gonna make some lamb burgers today. Red onion, lettuce, garlic, parsley, olive oil will figure in. Some white beans (navy) on the side. Beans are soaking now

    Gold’s, who make the horseradish, now have a horseradish mustard. Very good. It’s new to me at least. Good on burgers and lamb burgers and canned salmon. Of which Bumble Bee 15oz goes for $1.50. Wild Alaskan, the steal of the year. LOL—>> Ben Stein pitching Alaskan salmon

  4. dennisw says:

    Adam has two very nice sites. But pineapple on pizza has never entered my mouth and never will. It’s baby food. Chicken on pizza is also sick. Malnati pizza was on TV last night. They made it sound good but holy cow! Baked for 30 minutes in a round pie tin? Give me hot out of the oven stick to the roof of your mouth crispy thin dough NY with pepperoni mushroom any day. With some char. The ultimate char is a charred crust bubble

  5. Jon L. says:


    Nellie’s is one of the few places I’ve been to which doesn’t mismanage pineapple on pizza. It CAN be done, its just difficult. They combine it with Canadian bacon, and whatever they are doing also doesn’t soak/soften the thin crust. So it works. I don’t recommend it at most other places.

    Actually I may be a bit more open to the idea because my first pineapple pie experience was in Hawaii, about 30 years ago, before mainland places started butchering the idea. So I know it IS possible, I’ve just had a lot of bad examples since then!


    Personally I think there should be no real taboos on pizza. Its snobbery. If it tastes good, eat it. If it doesn’t… mock it. As for alternate kinds of pie prep, over the years I’ve mellowed on that subject. I mean for years I had that “NY pie only” thing going too, until I went to New Haven and got a sample of how downhill most NY pies have gone in comparison. Slowly, since then I’ve collected case-by-case examples of surviving great NY pizza (mostly in Brooklyn), but looking at the average NY pizzeria these days makes you a bit more open to other regions than the drop-dead-fantastic NY pizza of 25-30 years ago did. So I’ve opened up a bit to Chicago dish style, wafer-thin crust style, etc.

    As for Jason’s burger preferences, man is he a burger slut! If it moos, Jason will make a burger out of it! But as with Pizza, he’s right that there are many roads to a great burger–being protective of any one seems a bit silly when there are so many great ways to make or buy one.

  6. Burger Slut. I like that.

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