NJ Dining: Sunmerry’s

Sunmerry’s Bakery
2151 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee, NJ
(201) 944-0088

As I alluded to in a previous post about Parisienne, Japanese-style bakeries are quite popular in Northern NJ. I’m particularly fond of Sunmerry’s, which is a Japanese chain that has a number of locations in the US. As far as I can tell, its only NY Metro branch is in Fort Lee.

The Japanese bakery style originated from French baking methods, and you do see things made at places like Sunmerry’s and Parisienne such as traditional baguette and pan loaf, but for the most part, the products have evolved to something considerably different. I particularly like to go to Sunmerry’s for their unique pastries, which to the average Westerner would seem bizarre because of their unique flavor and condiment combinations (which are actually quite good). For example, a popular item is a pizza square with corn and mayonnaise on top. I’m also fond of the sweet doughnuts they make that are filled with Japanese vegetable curry (which my wife is revolted by).

Storefront on Lemoine Ave in Fort Lee.

At Sunmerry’s, everything is self serve. Grab a pair of metal tongs and put a few pastries on your tray, then head to the cashier.

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to see more Sunmerry’s Bakery photos.

These are filled with potato and tuna fish.

Potato with Onions and Salad Dressing.

French-style pan bread. French loaves and baguettes are also available.

These are rolls with soba noodles and salad on them.

These are soft pastry rolls with hot dogs and ketchup. One of my favorites.

Chocolate Cornets.

These are buns with chocolate on the top, filled with a thick, eggy custard.

15 Responses to NJ Dining: Sunmerry’s

  1. Doc Chuck says:

    Mr. Perlow:

    A matter I have been meaning to ask you about: Why do you block your readers from “copying” your reviews, or snippets from your reviews?

    I read ALL of your posts, and have copies of many of them in my personal collection of “REVIEWS” Any experienced computer user knows how to “get around” the disabled “cut & paste” or “copy & save” function.

    But, why do you choose to do that? HEY! I fully realize that OffTheBroiler is YOUR website and that you can manage it any way you please. I still enjoy it . . . and look forward to reading it every day.

    Just wondering about the rationale of the disabled copy function, that’s all.

  2. I don’t follow. My RSS feed is a complete export of the text and I don’t have any software running that prevents you from cutting and pasting. I use the default settings on wordpress. What kind of browser are you using?

  3. MJP says:

    Nice find. By any chance, did you happen to notice if they had melon bread?

  4. I’m not even sure what Melon Bread is?

  5. http://www.answers.com/topic/melonpan
    perhaps you have had and enjoyed this under another name … the bread, not yours!

  6. Tasso says:

    Ive been in this place……. had a nice cup of coffe……

  7. Lutefisk says:

    I believe there is another Sunmerry in Bergenfield in an asian supermarket. I forget the name of the supermarket, but it’s right near O. DiBella music store. Maybe Hans Food at 433 South Washington Avenue?

  8. tokyorosa says:

    Oh. My. God. I love the potato/mayo pan. Love them!! So tasty… Absolutely amazing.

    Would have killed for whole wheat ANYTHING in Japan though. I mean, bempi much? Jeez.

  9. Robyn says:

    Sweet jesus. Food porned to the max.

    Definitely try melon pan if they have it. If not, I know you could find it at Mitsuwa. Mmm, melony bread.

    Also, vegetable curry + bread = awesome!

  10. Rachel Perlow says:

    That blueberry danish was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. Sugar coated donuts filled wth curry gross me out, but they make some killer “normal/sweet” items, like that danish and the chocolate croissants.

  11. patticake says:

    the curry bread is not sugar-coated. it has a crunchy bread-crumb outer layer. it’s good but oily. the green tea cake is scrumptious!

  12. Glenn Hepburn says:

    Hi Guys, I am writing from Australia. Its great to see that you guys enjoy the Japanese breads of Sunmerry’s. I was there as a consultant when it first opened in 1993 or 4 cant remember now. I worked at Sunmerry for 12 years mainly in Melbourne Aus, and Tokyo oh and Seoul for a short while. Anyway enjoy!

  13. joe c says:

    sunmerry has been under new management for over a year now. there are no more free refills for coffee and the place has far less pastrys than it used to . i go there probably at least once a month and it seems that the new owners are finally getting the kinks out of their operation. the raisin bread is great as is the curry pan and the cinnamon roll when they have it is the best, not as good as it used to be but still good. besides parisian burned down not too long ago

  14. allen says:

    joe c:

    “besides parisian burned down not too long ago”

    what the hell? when did this happen?

  15. sammy says:

    mmm those cornets look tasty.I went to an sunmerry once when i vistied family up north

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