Mmmm. Camel-icious!

Interestingly enough, I came across this story in one of the publications I read and wondered about how one might best do the milking …

The launch of a date-flavoured Camel milk drink could strengthen the development of this product as a viable segment of the global dairy industry.

EICMP’s ‘Camelicious’ product, which is now available in date flavour, has been rolled out across the UAE to coincide with the Holy Month of Ramadan. And although there would appear to be no immediate plans to bring the product to Europe, camel milk is being touted as a dairy beverage of the future. In April, the FAO confidently predicted that the dairy product could one day appear on European supermarket shelves. It said that investment within the sector – not only at local level could help camel milk meet growing demand and open new lucrative markets in the Middle East and the West.

Flavored Camel Milk Hits the Middle East (Food Navigator Europe)

reported by Melissa Goodman

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